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Seeing Stars? That Could Be a Good Thing Thanks To These Binoculars

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys bird-watching and hunting or simply someone who wants to see stadium sports events up close, we’ve chosen a few of the best binoculars in the biz that will not only allow you to see up close and personal but will also come in handy when you least expect it during outdoor excursions.

It’s no coincidence that our picks are all by the same trusted brand because Bushnell has been the industry leader in high-performance binoculars for over 50 years. Their advanced binoculars provide the highest quality, and are some of the most reliable and affordable optics on the market.

The options below all boast durable designs, smooth feedback and handy eyecups for comfortable use – even if you’re wearing eyeglasses. Whether you choose the 100% waterproof constructed version or the Falcon series which offers powerful magnification at a price you can afford, the one thing you will be guaranteed is an optimum viewing experience.

1. Bushnell H2O Waterproof Prism Binocular

The Bushnell H20 Prism Binoculars are composed of 100% waterproof construction with textured, non-slip rubber pads that give you a sturdy grip on every situation, ensuring a premium viewing experience. Featuring quality viewing specs and multi-coated optics, these binoculars also come with a neck strap for easy use, a carrying case with belt loop for easy transportation and storage and rubber lens covers for protection.

PROS: 100% waterproof means you never have to worry about your binoculars slipping out of your hands or being damaged again.

CONS: These are optimized for mostly outdoor use.

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2. Bushnell Falcon 133410 Binoculars

The Falcon Series of the Bushnell Binoculars offers powerful magnification at an economical price. Ideal for stadium sports, bird-watching, hunting and many other outdoor activities, this model has a durable design and rubberized, abrasion-resistant finish. Fold-down eyecups protect your eyeglasses or sunglasses from scratching and a convenient storage case with straps is also included.

PROS: Ideal and economical binoculars for the casual observer.

CONS: These are not ideal for night watching.

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3. Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars

The 10×50 Bushnell Falcon Wide Angle Binoculars offer powerful magnification, durable design and abrasion-resistant finish. An InstaFocus lever provides smooth feedback with just enough tension to fine-tune magnification and coated lenses provide sharp viewing.

PROS: Lightweight, powerful magnification and durable design.

CONS: Not recommended for inclement weather situations.

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