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Make a Bold Statement With The Ozzy Gold Lamp

* Bird-inspired lamp makes bold statement for your sitting room
* Beautiful finishes include gold, black satin and clear resin
* Conversation starter for those who decorate with sense of humor

Make a bold statement with this one-of-a-kind table lamp. Sporting a frame in the shape of an ibis, a long-legged wading bird, the Ozzy Gold Lamp perfectly pairs an ancient gold finish with the subtlety of a black satin lampshade and clear resin base. The result is an eye-catching lamp that pays homage to one of nature’s rare birds, while celebrating colonial-meets-modern decor.

The ibis’s one-legged pose draws much of the attention. It firmly grounds the stem of the lamp, while the non-standing leg clasps a small clear ball. Additionally, the bird’s head appears to peek out the top of the lampshade. It’s definitely not a piece for the stylistically suppressed.

The ibis has been revered for centuries – the object of sacrament in Africa, while also showing up in ancient Greek and European texts. Many believe the ibis brings forth creativity, courage and fertility.

An ideal decor and conversation piece, the Ozzy Gold Lamp might not guarantee fertility, but it certainly adds flair and creativity to your living room or study. It’s not a piece one would expect to find in just any standard house. Between the combination of attractive finishes and the lampshade-adorned ibis design, this unique home item pushes traditional interior design boundaries and brings forth a work of art.

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