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The Must-Have Vacuum for Modern Life

* Cleans floors for you
* Automatically recharges
* Saves you a ton of time and energy

Imagine returning home to spotless floors every day, or never having to push a vacuum around your house again. That’s why the Bissell SmartClean Robot Vacuum is a must-have for your busy, modern life. It does the work for you, whisking away dust, dirt and debris when you’re not home or when you simply don’t feel like doing it yourself. It’s so convenient, it’s a luxury.

Just select when you want it to run and it gets the job done. The SmartClean uses roller-brush action to sweep all sorts of messes into the on-board refuse bin. The advanced, self-adjusting technology allows it to adapt from hardwoods to carpet to tile and more, without stopping. You can even set it to match your carpet height. This Bissell is low and flat, so it gets under tough-to-reach areas like couches. And, the protective bumpers allow it to clean close to edges and without scuffing up the baseboards.

Bissell SmartClean runs for up to 80-minutes, enough time to do your whole house or apartment. And when it’s done, it automatically returns to the dock for recharging. The bag-less design means no bags to replace and it’s easy to empty. Plus, you won’t believe how much dirt it can hold. This is going to save you so much time and energy, it’s amazing to think it costs less than half the price of a typical decent push vacuum.

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