The Best Blackout Curtains For Snoozing Well Past Noon

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For the average person, getting a good night’s rest requires a few key elements. One of the most important is the environment in which they sleep. Your bedroom setup and sleeping arrangements can be the difference between a night of undisturbed, energy-refueling sleep and a night of patchy sleep which leaves you feeling worse than when you went to bed. So long as a pitch-black sleeping environment doesn’t scare you (ghosts and closet monsters aside), the more light you can remove from your bedroom set up, the better your sleep will likely be.

Blackout curtains exist for creating an optimal sleeping environment. They look great, have the ability to match just about whatever your room’s theme might be and keep your room as dark as you need it to be, even if it’s the middle of the day. Trust us, you won’t even need your nightly melatonin gummies.

Today’s modern blackout curtains don’t have to be boring the way they once were. Places like Amazon and Society6 have a number of trendy options we’re sure will look great in your bedroom, and most importantly, will get the job done.

Ready for bed? Good. Here are the best blackout curtains for sleeping the whole night through. Just be sure to set your alarm.


1. Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

From clothing to smart home products to food to interior decorations, it’s safe to say that Amazon has an in-house brand for just about everything, so you should not be surprised to see these blackout curtains from Amazon Basics. These highly-reviewed curtains block the sun 100% and come in an array of gorgeous colors that will fit your home interior exceptionally. We love a plain beige curtain to tie the room together — it’s a subtle and homey option to have in any room inside the house. With multiple sizes available, we’re sure there’s one for you no matter how large or small your window is.

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains Courtesy of Amazon


2. AlphaOmega Racing Retro Stripes Blackout Curtain

Sporting stylish, retro racing stripes, these AlphaOmega Blackout Curtains will provide you with the dark environment you need for sleep and an eye-catching one during the day. The navy blue color tastefully combines with yellows and creams making them great for lounges, bedrooms or really any room in the house. They are crafted from 100% lightweight polyester and are completely white on the reverse. You’ll also find the 4-inch pockets in the material make hanging and drawing the curtains simple.

blackout curtains in white racing stripes Image courtesy of Society6


3. Becky Bailey Big Arrows in Navy Blackout Curtain

If you’re after a curtain option to attract attention, then the Becky Bailey Mud Cloth Blackout Curtains could be the choice for you. While the deep navy color allows these curtains to pair with a range of internal color palettes, the all-over arrow design ensures your eyes are drawn in their direction when you enter the room. The polyester material provides the sun-blocking power you need for a sleep free from stray and passing lights.

blackout curtains in white navy arrows Image courtesy of Society6


4. Becky Bailey Big Arrows in Cream Blackout Curtain

Another option that draws attention is the Becky Bailey Mud Cloth Blackout Curtains in cream. They sport the same design as the pair above but with a cream-colored base covered in black arrows. The lighter color palette means they are better suited to a slightly less imposing combination with lighter home interiors. There’s still, of course, no need to worry as the thick polyester will keep the sun at bay and ensure leaking light isn’t the reason you don’t catch all the Zs you’re after.

blackout curtains in white arrow Image courtesy of Society6


5. SilverPegasus Meteor Stripes Blackout Curtain

It’s mightily popular in jeans, so why shouldn’t it be in curtains? Enjoy the dark denim style and color in these SilverPegasus Meteor Stripes Blackout Curtains. They match with both darker and lighter interiors and deliver a subtlety that’s rare in blackout curtains. The lightweight material of the curtains also makes opening and closing them effortless.

blackout curtains in white navy Image courtesy of Society6


6. KEQIAOSUOCAI Baby Pink Curtain

Got yourself a daughter who can’t sleep? No worries, just get her these pretty-in-pink bedroom blackout curtains and she will be snoozing the night away in no time. These 100% polyester drapes are the best blackout curtains for children because they come in an array of fun colors that will match any tyke’s bedroom. The curtains are super thick, easy to install and are thermal protective, so they’ll keep the heat or cold in and out depending on the time of year.

KEQIAOSUOCAI Baby Pink Curtain Courtesy of Amazon


7. Gale Switzer Lush Lily Autumn Blackout Curtain

While darkness is what you need for a relaxing night’s rest, these Gale Switzer Lush Lily Autumn Blackout Curtains provide you with what you need for a relaxing day, too. The white-based curtains feature a range of stenciled leaves in yellows and greens. This random plant arrangement is ideal for mixing with lighter interiors. Plus, the 100% polyester is lightweight for easy drawing and thick enough that not even the brightest outdoor light will penetrate — making these some of the best bright-colored blackout curtains you can buy.

blackout curtains in white autumn pattern Image courtesy of Society6


8. H.VERSAILTEX Linen Blackout Curtains

These are the most heavy-duty linen curtains you’ll ever see, hands-down. Block out all the light while keeping that summery aesthetic by using these gorgeous white curtains from Amazon. They have a unique texture a lot of the other curtains on this list do not have which adds to the want here and they’re also thermal-insulated to keep hot (or cool) temps in. There are a few colors and sizes available, depending on what it is exactly you’re looking for.

H.VERSAILTEX Linen Blackout Curtains Courtesy of Amazon


9. Tordis Kayma Heart of my Heart Blackout Curtain

If you love the feeling of being miles away from the city and lost in nature’s goodness, the Tordis Kayma The Heart of my Heart Blackout Curtains will definitely speak to you. They sport a beautiful scene of treetops in a fading landscape. When they’re not creating a lightless sleep environment, they’ll help send you back to the environment you love to be in most. The green palate means they can be blended with lighter room colors as well as some greens.

blackout curtains in white forest pattern Image courtesy of Society6


10. Utopia Bedding 2 Panels Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains from Utopia Bedding truly mean blackout. Not all of us are interested in hanging all-black curtains within our home interior, but for those that are, here are the midnight black, most gothic blackout curtains you’ve been looking for. Cover any and all windows you can and you’ll never have to experience the light again. Nocturnal? Absolutely.

Utopia Bedding 2 Panels Blackout Curtains Courtesy of Amazon


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