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The Best Bladeless Fans Will Help You Keep Your Chill All Summer Long

Spring is in full bloom and summer’s on deck, which means outside temperatures are about to skyrocket. So, how are you preparing for the heat?

Firing up the AC is a given, and overhead fans help, too, by pushing and moving air quickly and efficiently to create a soothing draft. But while these types of cooling systems only have a single purpose — to cool you down — they have their limitations.

Bladeless fans are underrated, which is a shame, considering some of these workhorses offer more bang for your buck than the alternative. For starters, there are so many toxins and pollutants floating around and some of the best bladeless fans actively filter the air you breathe. Bladeless fans are also more eco-friendly as they use less energy, plus they’re a much safer option than fans with blades or window air conditioners for households with small children and curious pets.

The downside? The best bladeless fans are all made by a single brand: Dyson. Unfortunately, they’re extremely expensive, with models ranging in price from $400-$540 — if you can even find them in stock. However, there are some more budget-friendly alternatives, and we’ve presented all of the best options available in 2021 below.

Chances are you, like so many, have overlooked bladeless fans in your search for a device to keep you cool through the warm weather months, if for no reason other than you just don’t know what to look for in these devices. Below, we’ve listed some of the best bladeless fans on the market and highlighted the special features that make them worth the investment.

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1. Dyson TP04 Pure Cool Tower


We’re willing to bet this Dyson bladeless fan has popped up on your social feed at some point; it’s a popular product, and not just because it’s photogenic. The TP04 Pure Cool Tower is a smart appliance that can purify the air of an entire room using a 360-degree filtration system that uses activated carbon and a HEPA filter to eliminate gases, odor, and 99.97% of pollutants. It also senses and reacts to changes in the air automatically, but just in case you’d like to be in control, it comes with a remote and answers to spoken instructions. What’s more, the fan also has a nighttime mode and sleep timer, so you can program the device to pause while you snooze, or operate quietly with dimmed lighting.

Editor’s Note: The Dyson TP04 is currently back-ordered at the official Dyson store. Check the links below to see the latest availability. If the TP04 isn’t in stock, then we would recommend the Dyson TP01 Pure Cool Fan as the best alternative.

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2. Dyson Pure Cool TP01 Bladeless Fan


The TP04 Pure Cool Tower we selected as our Best Overall choice has a lot going for it, but it’s also extremely expensive and hard to find. Right now it’s back-ordered by 2-3 weeks on the official Dyson store. However, the earlier generation model the TP01 Bladeless Fan has most of the same features for $150 less. The TP01 model also uses a HEPA filter to purify the air in your home while also circulating cool air. The primary difference? This model won’t connect to Dyson’s smart home app or voice assistants like Alexa. This model only oscillates 70-degrees as opposed to a full 360. That being said, it’s still an impressive feat of engineering and one of the best cooling fans for sale.

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3. Air Choice Bladeless Tower Fan


Between their whooshing, humming, and clicking noises, fans sure can make their presence known. That’s why the Air Choice Bladeless Tower Fan is such a hit; it makes minimal sound without sacrificing its functionality. It also can send air circulating up to 16ft in distance, is customizable via three speed settings as well as three wind modes (natural, normal, and sleep), and can run on a timer for up to 7.5 hours per use.

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4. CONBOLA Bladeless Desk Fan


If your home office is particularly warm, give the CONBOLA Bladeless Desk Fan a try. It only stands 11.8 inches tall, so it’s perfect to set up on tables. The fan also comes in three colors — white, rose pink and green — you can choose from based on your decor. As far as special features go, the device operates via touch control, has three interchangeable wind speeds (soft, medium, and strong), and only 30-50 decibel, meaning it’s a lot quieter than other desk fans on the market.

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5. TaoTronics Tower Fan


What sets TaoTronics apart from other bladeless fans on the market? The smart device knows how to read the room, literally. Program the fan to automatic mode and the tower will run when the ambient temperature is over 79 degrees Fahrenheit, and automatically shut off when the ambient temperature is less than 75 degrees F, to maintain a comfortable climate. The powerful generator releases constant airflow in three fan speeds (low, medium, high) and three cooling modes (normal, natural, and sleep), while the LED display visibly tracks ambient temperature, speed, mode, timer and oscillation. The fan can also operate on a timer or be controlled via remote, depending on your preferences.

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6. Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan


Don’t sleep on this brand. Lasko has been around for over 100 years of service, and you can bet your bottom dollar the brand keeps up with the best of them. The Wind Curve Tower Fan comes in two colors (silver or woodgrain and grey), is 43 inches tall, is powered by three speed settings (low, medium, high), and is quiet enough that even on the highest setting, you can still hear the TV over its hum. What’s more, this handy dandy device is portable; it features a built-in carry handle, so you can bring it wherever you go around your house. Plus, it boasts an energy-efficient auto shut-off timer that’s programmable from 0. 5 to 7. 5 hours, and comes with a remote control for those hot summer days when getting up to change your fan settings requires way too much effort.

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