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Give Your Bedroom a Splash of Blue With This Geometric Throw

* Cozy blanket with rustic farmhouse-inspired look
* Reversible, with geometric design on one side and polka dot stripe on the other
* Ideal for beds and sofas as a quilted addition to existing bedding

Complete your rustic interior design with this beautiful throw blanket. Its charming reversible pattern offers the ultimate versatility and will ensure you’re always warm when cooler evenings arrive.

This must-have throw blends with any rustic or neutral decor to add a splash of navy blue. On one side, you’ll find a patchwork pattern with nine different geometric prints for a bold statement. On the other, there is a polka dot stripe print which may be a tad bit easier to add to existing decor.

This quilt-style blanket will add a charming and cozy style to any seat or bed. For precise information, it measures 60 inches long by 50 inches wide. So, you could drape it over your arm chair to liven up a beige look. It would also catch everyone’s attention when on a leather sofa. Alternatively, freshen up your bedroom and add this throw to the foot of your bed.

The creator of this fabulous throw is Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse, a company inspired by industrial elegance and farmhouse charm. Most of their designs boast sleek lines and geometric designs, offering a modern twist on classic styles.

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