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Add a Touch of the East to Your Home With This Chinoiserie Pillow

* Chinoiserie throw pillow
* Perfect for light and breezy interiors
* Features unique pattern of cobalt vines across white backdrop

This charming throw pillow is an easy way to add a touch of East Asian art to your interior decor. Inspired by Chinoiserie, a European interpretation of East Asian artistic traditions, this decorative pillow features delicate cobalt vines winding their way across a white background. The pattern is indicative of Asian art, while the blue and white color palette and 100% linen works for both beach houses and classic chambres alike.

Chinoiserie was popularized in the 18th century due its association with the Rococo style and the rise in trade between European powers and China. While the movement declined after its 18th century heyday, the style has remained visible in home decor, becoming increasingly popular of late as globalization forces open the door between cultures.

This pillow is designed by Mark D. Sikes for his eponymous label, MDS Stripes, and meshes well with the light and breezy interior design style he is known for. All of the items under his MDS Stripes label are inspired by Sikes’ love for blue and white stripes, and strive to introduce a unique twist on this classic pattern.

This cobalt blue Chinoiserie throw pillow is made in the USA at the Schumacher Fabrics factory in Los Angeles. For ease of use, the insert is included with the product and secured by a zipper closure.

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