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Bring a Touch of Central Asia to Your Couch

* Set of two pillows with decorative embroidered pattern
* Colorful design uses shades of pink, purple and blue
* Great for adding a touch of color to living rooms or bedrooms

Introduce some color into your living space with these beautifully crafted decorative pillows. The Uzbekistan-inspired set are ideal for matching with your preexisting couch to bring it back to life.

Featuring a beautiful pattern created by Uzbek artists, this set of two Safavieh pillows is a great addition to any indoor space. Best suited to lighter color surroundings, the attractive pair allow you to create stunning symmetry that’s sure to catch the attention of your visitors as they enter the room.

The bright pattern boasts a wealth of designs including a central floral medallion, an extensive profusion of surrounding vines and flowers, and chain embroidery on the border. Perhaps the most prominent focal points of the whole pattern are the eight chickens that create a soft and inviting feel while adding to the overall symmetry.

At 18 inches square, these super soft pillows are ideal for most sofa sizes. Each of the intricate covers is made from 100% cotton. This is combined with internal polyester fiber to provide maximum comfort. The design also features a hidden zipper to help avoid uncomfortable surprises.

The blue, purple and pink throw pillows arrive ready to go and require no additional preparation. An easy way to spruce up your living areas, this Safavieh product will make it feel like you have a whole new decor scheme when in reality, you’ve just added a couple of new touches.

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