4 Stylish Home Pieces Equipped With Bluetooth Functionality

Bluetooth-enabled Furniture
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Style meets convenience with these smart home pieces
* Choose from Bluetooth-enabled lamps, tables in more
* Instantly adds more functionality to your home 

Vintage decor may be in fashion, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice feasibility for style with non-functional pieces acquired from the antique market or local thrift store. In Fact, with these stylishly retro home pieces, you can deck out your home with old fashioned charm while enabling Bluetooth functionality on all your devices. From your stereo to your tables to even your nightstand, here are four smart home gadgets you never knew you needed.

1. Victrola Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio

Relive the classic style of yesteryear with this stunning Victrola FM/AM radio. Complete with Bluetooth functionality, it’s a great piece that beautifully merges the past with the present. With built-in speakers and both bass and treble controls, it’s sure to stand out on any shelf.

Victrola-Retro-Wood-Bluetooth-FMAM-Radio- Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Ampulla Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Most bedside tables are only large enough to put either a lamp or a speaker o top of. Fortunately, this gadget offers both. With a sharp, elegant design, this sophisticated bedside lamp also duals as a Bluetooth speaker and charger. That means you can charge your device as you play music before bed.

Ampulla-Bedside-Lamp-with-Bluetooth-Speaker- Image courtesy of Amazon

3. 2019 Modern Smart Table

Remember when TV trays were all the rage? My, how times change. This updated smart table is small enough to place virtually anywhere, and with built-in Bluetooth, wireless charging and even audio control, it’s a great little table to have on hand.

2019-Modern-Smart-Table- Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Victrola Bluetooth Wood Speaker Stand

And if thought the Bluetooth table was impressive, check out this Bluetooth desk stand. The beautiful oak build is completed with Victrola signature style, resulting in a highly versatile stand that comes with two built-in USB charging ports. A great piece of modernized furniture to keep in your living room.

Victrola-Bluetooth-Wood-Speaker-Stand- Image courtesy of Amazon

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