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Whether For Money or The Mueller Report, Use These Secret Binders To Safely Store Your Stuff

* Diversion safes make seemingly innocent objects into hiding spots for valuables
* This diversion safe looks like a binder and can hold money or documents
* The binder works well in an office setting or as a portable safe

We all have secrets. Some are bigger than others, but if you’d rather some physical things be kept in the dark, you should consider investing in a diversion safe. These safes appear to be innocent objects that belong in a certain setting, and they work on the premise that strangers won’t even know they are looking at a safe.

Perhaps the best known diversion safe, which has featured in movies and storylines for ages, is a book safe. Such books have been hollowed out inside to create a space for keeping valuables. But Amazon now sells a diversion safe for seemingly every object, from shampoo bottles to rocks and even binders, like this version from Safe Solutions.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


holds a hidden container measuring 11.15 inches by 8.7 inches by 1.97 inches. Inside you can secure money, jewelry, valuables or even confidential documents. For example, if you happen to be in possession of a copy of the Mueller Report, this would be a prudent time to buy a diversion safe binder. (Are you reading this, Bill Barr?)

The “pocket” inside the binder is secured by a lock and key. Even if someone finds your hiding spot, they won’t be able to open it. The safe is also made from durable steel, making it nearly impossible to break open.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

In addition, unlike other diversion safes, the 3-ring binder covering the lock box could be placed just about anywhere. Keep it in the office or in your bedroom at home. You can also carry it around with you without facing any suspicious questioning.

Keeping your things safe and organized at home or at the office has never been easier. Get this diversion safe binder and unwanted snoops will never find your valuables.


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