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The Hummingbird Bookend: Avian Elegance For Your Home

* Elegant bookend with a hummingbird silhouette design
* Made from laser-cut steel in black
* Gives messy bookcases a whimsical yet tidy look

With the overwhelming draw of modern technology, it can be difficult to take note of your book collection instead of your tiny screen. However, this beautifully crafted bookend is sure to enhance your personal library, giving it the attention it deserves and reminding you of the appeal of reading a physical book.

While phones, e-readers, and tablets are often a convenient choice for reading, especially when on the go, nothing beats the satisfying experience of reading from a tangible book. Additionally, this charming bookend adds to the decor in your home, featuring a charming and versatile hummingbird figurine that will compliment a wide range of home decor styles. This lovely piece will give your bookcases a whimsical yet elegant appearance.

This bookend is constructed with laser cut powder coated steel for a sleek look to display your collection. The thin construction highlights the charming hummingbird figurine that slightly protrudes from the bookend, giving your book collection an animated charm. The extra thin 1.55 mm steel also makes the slimline bookend fit snugly against most books, adding to the mystery of the seemingly in-flight bird.

Available in black and white, this stylish bookend is ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your personal library. Combine it with other striking bookends or simply add it to standard bookends to keep the focus entirely on the hummingbird.

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