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The Bookniture Side Table is a Minimalist’s Dream

* Clever folding design
* High quality felt surface
* Versatile and strong

Bookniture is known for its unique folding furniture that serves a variety of functions all in one piece. This resourceful brand ranks among the most versatile and aesthetically-pleasing home decor companies for their compact designs that make space-efficient living a breeze. The Bookniture side table for example, doubles as an ottoman or foot rest and can actually be stored on a bookshelf when not in use.

 When you have company over or just want some extra space beside your coffee table when sitting down with a good book, you can take another book off the shelf and simply unfold it to create the space you need in the form of a clean, modern-looking end table. The Bookniture side table’s accordion-pleated center section gives it a stylish, art-deco look, taking design cues from high-end musical instruments and high quality bespoke art books. With an origami-inspired marvel of engineering, the Bookniture side table also claims to hold up a half-ton of weight.  Ideal for guest rooms, living rooms, studios and any space you’d like to keep minimal while also maintaining the ability to entertain guests, the Bookniture side table is a unique piece of fold-away furniture that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic appeal or utility in the name of convenience. Instead, this eco-friendly and multi propose solution manages to combine simplicity, ease-of-use and beauty all in one sleek piece. The Bookniture side table can also stand in for a foot stool or provide extra seating when needed as well. It’s relatively comfortable to sit on, too, so that sometimes the best place to relax and read a good book… is on a good book!

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