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After I Reviewed This DTC Rug Brand, Everyone in My Family Bought One

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Editor’s Choice products meet our strictest selection criteria. For this feature, SPY’s Site Director Timothy Beck Werth reviews Boutique Rugs, a DTC rug brand. Before writing this piece, he spent over two years with the company’s products.

Shortly after I started at, I was asked to review a little-known rug brand called Boutique Rugs. The company sent SPY two of its area rugs for review in 2020, and you’ll find those same rugs in my Brooklyn apartment today. Since then, we’ve consistently named Boutique Rugs one of the best places to buy rugs online, and they make frequent appearances in our guides to the best home decor.

Because shoppers might be nervous about making a big purchase from a brand they aren’t familiar with, we wanted to publish a full Boutique Rugs review.

We’ll be totally honest. We’ve reviewed luxury rug brands before, and Boutique Rugs isn’t that. If you want bespoke Moroccan rugs hand-crafted by artisans, then take your $7,000 and head to a company like Beni Rugs.

Here in the real world, I can’t afford to spend $1,500 on a rug, but I also don’t want to waste my money on a low-quality $200 rug that will need to be replaced after a couple of years. And that’s why Boutique Rugs is a godsend for people like me who have a sense of style that’s too big for their wallet. With Boutique Rugs, you can pick out the perfect area rug for any room in your home at very reasonable prices, and can attest to the quality and longevity of these products. For anyone searching for the best area rugs under $500, now you know where to go.

Here’s why I recommend this brand to all of my friends and family:

Boutique Rugs makes super-affordable, quality rugs. Not the highest quality, but definitely more than good enough for me and my pretentious millennial friends. Boutique Rugs also has an insanely big selection, with thousands of rugs in every size imaginable. Plus, they regularly host major sales, and as of this writing, the brand is hosting an 80% Off Spring Sale that includes hundreds of popular styles.

Keep reading for our full review of Boutique Rugs.

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Courtesy of Boutique Rugs


  • Free Shipping
  • Gigantic selection
  • Easy to sort and filter products
  • Extremely affordable
  • Durable, long-lasting rugs


  • Synthetic materials

Boutique Rugs: An Under-The-Radar DTC Carpet Brand

Because I’m not the only one looking for cheap area rugs, I’ve been recommending this brand to friends and family for years. As a result, virtually every branch of my family tree now has a rug from Boutique Rugs in their home. My aunt in Rochester, my cousin in Charlotte, my sister in Charleston — they’ve all got Boutique Rugs in their homes. So if you’re trying to bring some color to a living room or protect the hardwood floors of your new investment property, Boutique Rugs has something for you.

After two years of walking on my Boutique Rugs on a daily basis, here’s what I’ve found.

These rugs are durable. If you walk on a rug every day for years, you’ll eventually notice some wear and tear, but I’ve been impressed with the longevity of these rugs, especially considering they’re in a high-traffic area of my apartment (living room and bedroom).

They’re easy to clean. These rugs are much easier to vacuum than other rugs that I’ve owned, although this can still be a bit of a pain point. Sometimes, you need to break out a carpet rake or use a lint roller. Still, these rugs are light enough that you can take them outside and shake them off if needed.

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Courtesy of Boutique Rugs

The selection is seriously insane. This DTC rug company has thousands and thousands of rugs, and you can sort by room, size, color, pattern and material. You can spend hours scrolling through all the options, so it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find something you like.

In addition, Boutique Rugs has the following types of rugs:

  • Area Rugs
  • Outdoor Rugs
  • Machine Washable Rugs
  • Eco-Friendly Rugs

What don’t I like about Boutique Rugs? I will say that if you prefer natural materials such as cotton or wool, then Boutique Rugs probably isn’t for you. They have started to offer more natural fiber blends, but most of the brand’s rugs are made of a synthetic material, which will be a negative for some shoppers.

The company could also be a little more transparent about where their rugs are made and where the materials are sourced from. This kind of transparency is a hallmark of DTC brands like Everlane, and it’s lacking here. Unfortunately, that’s pretty standard in the furniture world.


Area Rugs at Boutique Rugs

Rug styles come and go, but there are some classics that are always a smart investment: bohemian, geometric rugs, jute rugs, Moroccan rugs and vintage-style rugs. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can filter by size, color, style, room and price, and there are tons of options. Almost too many options.

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Machine Washable Rugs at Boutique Rugs

Check out the rug pictured below. It might look like a delicate antique rug, but you can pick it up and throw it right into the washing machine, we promise. On top of that, even the largest version of this rug can be purchased for under $500. Machine washable rugs are one of the biggest flooring trends right now, and you can browse hundreds more options at the link below.

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Courtesy of Boutique Rugs

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