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Set The Table For Romance With These Vintage-Inspired Brass Candlesticks

* A mixed set of three brass candlesticks
* Versatile for your home decor
* Fits standard sized taper candles

Romance returns to your next dinner for two with these vintage-inspired Brass Mixed Candlesticks from Food52. A signature item from Food52’s signature line of table and kitchen decor, these candlesticks were originally created as props for their in-house photoshoots. But after customers inquired, the company decided to make this set available for sale.

The set includes three candlesticks of varying sizes. Fitted for regular sized taper candles, the candlesticks offer broad appeal that allows you to mix and and match with flowers and centerpieces for the perfect effect. The rich brass finish maintains a unique patina and will age beautifully over time.

Use these antique-style candles to create mood lighting the next time you prepare a meal for the special person in your life. You’re certain to swoon them with your attention to detail.

Although perfect for lighting an intimate dinner, the Brass Candlesticks work in more places that just the table. Add antique accent to your sitting room when you place the candlesticks upon the table, or keep them in the study for old-fashioned, scholarly style. Plus they really remind us of Lumière from Beauty and the Beast (the new film remake comes out in March).

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