Let Your Office Desk Speak Volumes Without Ever Saying a Word

brick marble desk clock

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* Ultra-stylish and functional desk clock
* Temperature and date display
* Sound activation mode

What’s on an office desk can speak volumes. Clutter, to some, is a sign of genius to others. 

Many people will walk into an office and immediately look at a desk to size a person up. For this reason, the brick marble clock from Ginkgo Electronics is the perfect desk addition to stop anyone in their tracks and give them something to appreciate.

The brick marble clock is beautiful in its simplicity. With no cords marring its pristine presentation, this clock tells the time, date and even room temperature in white LED with a simple snap of the fingers. It’s sound activated, thus giving it an artistic and functional (and downright cool) purpose at the same time.  

A built-in rechargeable lithium battery powers this desk clock for approximately two to three months when in sound-activated mode. The clock can also be set to permanently display with a charge lasting approximately seven days.  

This brick marble desk clock displays in both 12- and 24-hour formats and comes with an adapter for charging.

A great gift or perhaps something for your own desk, the brick marble clock from may just become the talking piece of the office.

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