This Beautiful Brush Vase Comes With a Few Surprises

Brush Vase by Areaware

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* Created by award-winning designer Harry Allen
* A multi-functional brush vase with personality
* Crafted from resin and marble, with glass insert

Sometimes, everyday objects become a piece of art, or even better, they may surprise you with their versatility by having more than just one use. The reimagined Areaware Brush Vase does just that. At first glance, it’s a vase to house your favorite bouquet of flowers — but wait — it can also double as a modern centerpiece to elevate your office or living room. The beauty of this vase is that it’s whatever you want it to be.

Brush Vase by Areaware

The brush vase was created by award-winning designer Harry Allen, and it is inspired by the beauty of everyday objects. Crafted from resin and marble, it includes a glass insert so that you can display your favorite floral arrangements without worrying about spills or damage. It also can serve as a one-of-a-kind sculpture for your tabletop, certain to garner the admiration of guests. Painters and artists can use it to store their brushes and sketch pens. If your desk is looking a little plain, this brush vase can elevate the ambiance and give your pens an upgraded home.

Brush Vase by Areaware

The possibilities are endless. This unique brush vase was designed with a fun and lighthearted sensibility, proving that the simplest things can evoke style with a touch of humor.

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