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Trust Me, This $35 Gift Might Look Like a Toy, but It’s Actually the Perfect Gift for Hard-To-Shop for Men

SPY works hard to find Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list, and we take a lot of pride in finding the best gifts for impossible-to-shop-for men. Maybe it’s your dad, or your big brother, or even your own husband, but we all have a guy like that on our shopping list.

So what do you get the guy who says he already has everything he needs?

Well, one of our favorite gifts for hard-to-shop-for-guys is on sale right now. We’re talking about the BUG-A-SALT, the insect and arachnid-destroying tool that activates the primal hunter in every male.

As the Site Director of SPY, I’ve seen how readers respond to hundreds of gifts, and year after year, this $35 gift is a hit among SPY readers. I’ve also purchased this for my own friends and family, and I’ve enjoyed using it myself.

Courtesy of Amazon

$34.95 $49.95 30% off

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Ahead of the holidays, the BUG-A-SALT 2.5 is 30% off via Amazon Prime, letting you save $15 on this popular holiday gift. There’s just something so satisfying about absolutely obliterating a spider trespassing in your home, and it’s a great gift for Airbnb owners, too.

Why Guys Love the BUG-A-SALT

Even in the most progressive heterosexual households, men tend to take on all bug and spider-killing responsibilities, and this plastic gun shoots a small jet of salt that wipes out unwanted pests. No batteries are required, and you can use everyday table salt as the ammo.

There are people who will tell you to show mercy to bugs and spiders inside your home, but you have a right to defend yourself and your home from trespassers.

To use the BUG-A-SALT, simply insert a tablespoon of salt, cock the gun, aim and fire. If your shot is on target, it’s effective at killing flies, moths, spiders, ants and mosquitos.

If you live in the Northeast where the invasive spotted lanternfly is taking over habitats, this can also be used to kill these dangerous pests around your home and property.

Plus, if you order in the next few days, the BUG-A-SALT is scheduled to arrive before Christmas Eve, so long as your a Prime member and can access free 2-day shipping.

We promise, this is a gift the men (and bug-hating women) in your life are sure to love.

Courtesy of Amazon

$34.95 $49.95 30% off

Buy Now On Amazon

The updated BUG-A-SALT gun uses ordinary table salt. No batteries are required to operate. Designed for ages 18 an up, please be sure to avoid pointing or shooting this at any humans or pets.