This Electric Bug Zapper Racket Shows Flies and Mosquitos Who’s the Boss

ZAP IT! Bug Zapper
Courtesy of Amazon

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Whether it seems like there’s always a housefly roaming around your kitchen or you’re the type that constantly gets bitten by a mosquito no matter the season, small flying critters can be an extreme bother even at their puny size. There is only so much that bug spray can offer you, and most of the time, it barely even works.

Luckily, there’s a new way to kill bugs both easily and effectively. On top of that, we hate to say it, but it’s also actually tons of fun. Meet the ZAP IT! bug zapper, a zapping racket option that will kill flying insects at the flick of your wrist, literally.

ZAP IT! Bug Zapper Courtesy of Amazon

This powerful bug control option features a 4,000-volt grid and will kill just about any small insect that comes in its path. It’s surprisingly lightweight and completely ergonomic, so it’s comfortable to use no matter how hard you’re swinging, just don’t get too Serena Williams on us, you don’t want to break it.

Built to be a modern mix between both traditional fly swatters and the classic electric bug-killing lamps people have had hanging on their back porches for decades, it’s the two-in-one option you always dreamt of but really never saw coming. Unlike traditional lamp zappers, you can take this baby on the go anywhere and use it at any time of the day. It’s completely portable to pack in the car for picnics, camping trips and hikes. There’s even a LED light that will shine when it’s dark out, so you’ll always know where you’re swatting.

Worried it’ll accidentally zap you or your belongings in transit? Don’t. The racket‘s built with an activation button and glowing indication light that will be on when the racket is. Additionally, if it’s on and you don’t happen to see the light, it’s layered with triple-layer safety mesh to ensure nothing’s getting past it aside from unwanted bugs. Those fingers of yours will stay safe no matter the case.

If you’re wondering how frequently you’ll have to change the batteries on this zap racket, the answer is never. The device is fully USB chargeable through its included cable. Plug it straight into your Macbook or iPhone charging block and get going. One charge has the ability to zap a whopping 10,000 times too, so realistically speaking, charging this thing will always be in the back of your mind.

If you’re wondering where you can get your own, a two-pack of these bug zapping rackets from ZAP IT! go for just $40 total on Amazon. Keep one indoors and keep one outdoors for double the damage and even more fun. Your friends and family will be completely impressed and might even try to steal your second racket. You’ve been warned.