Let’s Get Lit With the 9 Best Bug Zappers to Use Both Indoors and Out

BLACK+DECKER Outdoor Bug Zapper
Courtesy of Amazon
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Although summer’s officially come to a close, our outdoor hangs are far from over. Given that the majority of us have barely even seen the sun since March, we’re still trying to keep our outdoor lives existing throughout the fall through bonfires, cozy sweaters and the most god-sent item of them all, heat lamps.

As we continue to congregate in friends’ backyards to sip a brew or two or seven (you do you), there’s still something we have to worry about that doesn’t involve catching a virus from your closest homies — bugs.

You might be thinking, “writer at SPY (it’s Tyler by the way, hi), bugs don’t stay out after summer!” Well, my friend, we don’t know where you’ve been during past falls, but yes, they do. While our summer enemies like flies, bees and mosquitos tend to die off when temps cool, they don’t really begin to fall off the face of the earth completely until the weather begins to consistently hit 50 degrees or so. Meaning, these bad boys can exist (in the daytime, at least) well into November.

We know this is some sad news, because who the hell wants a buggy fall? No one. So, it’s time to get yourself a bug zapper to show those pests who’s boss this time around. Buying one now will be great to have until the winter and a gamechanger when summer 2021 rolls around. But, there are tons of different bug zapper options to choose from, so read on and check out the nine best bug zappers we could find and pick your poison. Or, your bugs’ poison.


1. Loytio Bug Zapper


Lure and kill both indoor and outdoor bugs with this hanging bug zapper that emits a striking 4,200V electric shock, ensuring it gets the job done with just one zap. Though powerful, it doesn’t waste electricity. In fact, it saves you up to 20% of electricity when compared to some other bug zappers. The zapper has the ability to last for over 30,000 whole hours, which is three and a half years of continuous use. When it’s time for clean up, the bottom half that collects dead bugs removes, so just dump, rinse and get zapping once again.

Loytio Bug Zapper Courtesy of Amazon


2. ZAP IT! Bug Zapper


We love this bug zapper so much that we just had to write an entire story about it. We hate to say it because we kind of feel bad, but this thing is so much fun. Unlike the prior choices, there is zero luring involved with the ZAP IT! bug zapper. When you see one flying around nearby, simply hold the button down, swing and that sucker’s a goner. This bug zapper uses 4,000 volts to ensure each swing will be the first and last try for the bug you’re aiming to kill. The racket is safe to touch due to the exterior triple-layer safety mesh and because it’s only activated when the button is held down, so you don’t have to worry about any kids or pets getting harmed. There is a super bright LED light for night time usage that will help you detect bugs more quickly, too.

ZAP IT! Bug Zapper Courtesy of Amazon


3. Aspectek Upgraded 20W Electronic Bug Zapper


Having bug problems both in and outside of the house? Well, they’re no match for the Aspectek electronic bug zapper. Lure and kill flying insects in spots varying from your living room, bathroom, office or backyard and get the same results each time. It’s simple to install and either sits or hangs from a metal chain wherever you want to place it. There is a plastic, removable tray at the very bottom for when you need to clean out the dead bugs, too. Like our other choices, it’s also completely safe to touch. Note: if you’re choosing to use this bug zapper outside, make sure you don’t leave it out in the rain because it is not waterproof.

Aspectek Upgraded 20W Electronic Bug Zapper Courtesy of Amazon


4. BLACK+DECKER Outdoor Bug Zapper


The drawback of keeping a bug zapper in and around your house is that the majority of the time, they’re quite unsightly. Though occasionally some lighting fixtures can bring a certain level of ~ambiance~ to your home, sometimes it doesn’t help. Bug zappers are simply ugly. Thankfully, that’s not the case with this outdoor bug zapper from BLACK+DECKER. It has the same luring and killing capabilities any other bug zapper has but foregoes the unsightly exterior. This bug zapper uses a non-toxic UV light for luring and has an easy-to-clean pull-out tray when it’s time to rid all of them insect carcasses. This is the perfect bug zapping unit to leave outside your home for constant use or take on your next family camping trip.

BLACK+DECKER Outdoor Bug Zapper Courtesy of Amazon


5. GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb


Who would have ever thought that we’d be living in a world that could merge your average indoor ceiling lightbulb with the power of your go-to bug zapper? We never thought it was possible, but damn, we’re more than glad it is. If you have a serious bug problem inside that needs some extra attention, look no further than this bug zapping bulb. It’s designed with three different functionalities depending on your needs — a dual bulb and zapper-on option, a bulb-off and zapper-on option and finally, bulb-on and zapper-off option. Therefore, even if your bug issues cease, you can still use this bulb as a regular lightbulb in and around your home. When zapping, the bulb doesn’t trap bugs inside but instead releases them to the surface directly below through the slanted design in the bulb’s zap chamber.

GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb Courtesy of Amazon


6. Livin’ Well Bug Zapper


Though this isn’t the only weatherproof option on the list, the Livin’ Well bug zapper is certainly the most impressive. You can choose to fully leave this zapper outside for years upon years and it will still work, no matter what the elements bring. Because it can sit in the rain and snow, note that it’s also flood-resistant, so water won’t pile up anywhere inside the unit. The zapper lasts for about 8,000 hours, which is almost a full year of continuous use. There is a hook at the top if you want to chain and hang the zapper, but the machine can also stand on its own on any platform. With a 1,500 foot range, bugs will be drawn in from near and far.

Livin’ Well Bug Zapper Courtesy of Amazon


7. Wellgoo Electronic Bug Zapper


Looking for a bug zapper under $20 that’ll get the job done like any other bug-killing alternative? Then you need the Wellgoo electronic bug zapper, stat. Like the others, this zapper uses a UV bulb to lure in any oncoming interested insect only to immediately electrocute them upon arrival. Dead insects are collected at the bottom tray, so it’s easy to clean when needed. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use, but don’t leave it out in the rain. As one of our smaller options, it’s easy to bring on-the-go if your friend needs a little extra zappage for a barbecue or you and your family are headed on a weekend-long camping trip.

Wellgoo Electronic Bug Zapper Courtesy of Amazon


8. KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap


Maybe your problem isn’t outdoors, but indoors instead. As the weather cools down, some bugs look for an escape indoors where it’s warmer and drier than outdoors. Meaning, if you have fruit flies, gnats or indoor mosquitos invading your home, look no further than this indoor insect trap from KATCHY. While the trap isn’t necessarily a zapper, it still uses UV light to attract nearby bugs in the home. Then, when the bugs get close enough, the machine works to vacuum the bugs and trap them inside on sticky glue traps.

KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap Courtesy of Amazon


9. Tuzeasa Mosquito Traps


While we’re chit-chatting about non-zap bug “zappers”, we couldn’t leave out this futuristic-looking bug trapping design from Tuzeasa. Like the KATCHY, this bug trapper works to lure and vacuum bugs to make them latch onto an interior sticky trap, therefore, using zero zapping at all. It’s a super-powerful and very effective alternative to a bug zapper because of its alluring light source and 360-degree design. There are two functionality timers when leaving this machine on which are six and 12 hours long. When it’s time for cleaning, simply remove the bottom half replace the sticky trap with a new one provided in your set.

Tuzeasa Mosquito Traps Courtesy of Amazon