This Under Cabinet Vacuum Does What No Dustpan Can Do

Under cabinet vacuum from Sweepovac
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* Under counter vacuum for hard to clean dust and debris
* Activates with kick of a button 
* Easy to install and easy to empty

While it may seem like a niche product, this built-in kitchen cabinet vacuum by Sweepovac is actually a surprising “why didn’t I think of that” invention. It eliminates the unsightly dust line that often gets left behind when you sweep your kitchen floors. The Sweepovac below cabinet kitchen vacuum fits neatly under kitchen cabinets, doesn’t rob you of any storage space and can be conveniently activated with a toe-kick, to easily suck up dust, dirt and debris from your floor.

A great boon to cleaning perfectionists and obsessive compulsives, the below-cabinet vacuum makes it much easier to add the finishing touches to a round of light spring cleaning. Instead of bending and using the dustpan, the below-cabinet vacuum allows you to sweep, vacuum and finish with the touch of a button.

under counter vacuum

We’ve all been there: the curious case of diminishing dust pan returns. You sweep and enjoy the satisfaction of getting rid of maybe 90% of the dust on the floor, then sweep that into your dustpan and lift, only to leave behind a thin line of dust… which you then try to sweep into the dust pan but you’ve still only swept up 90% of it. And thanks to the fundamental inefficiency of dustpans, there will always be some dust left.

One solution this writer has used is the damp paper towel, but this adds at least three steps to an otherwise easy and even pleasant everyday chore. With the Sweepovac kitchen cabinet vacuum, though, there’s finally a no-fuss solution to dust-pan inefficiency. Just sweep toward the cabinets and then activate the under-cabinet vacuum with a press of the button with your shoe, and you can wrap up the task in a way that’s even satisfying for perfectionists and OCD types.

The built-in kitchen vacuum is easy to install and its catch tray slides out for easy emptying. It also only needs changing about every three months.

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