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Transform Your Living Space with Byredo’s “Burning Rose” Candle

* Natural ingredients
* Inspired by woodland scents
* Burns approximately 60 hours

A new candle can revive a room’s atmosphere. It can bring freshness and warmth to a space that’s in need of some TLC. Cheap candles give off artificial fragrances that leave the room smelling stale and stuffy. Byredo, a luxury candle company based in France, has a mission to bring you candles that will transform your living space, with a concoction of natural and alluring scents.

Think of a Byredo candle like a fine wine. Each is hand-crafted with deliberate attention to detail and a subtle mixture of spices, herbs, seeds and plants to produce a one-of-a-kind, premium scent that will give your space a lift and impress your guests.

Entirely handmade in France, Byredo’s “Burning Rose” candle evokes a bouquet of rose petals, leather, Rose Absolute, violet, birch tree and ebony woods. These notes are reminiscent of walking through New England woods on a crisp autumn night — wrapped in a cozy leather jacket and surrounded by the smell of Birch sap and flowers.

Byredo’s candles come in the brand’s signature black wax, which matches the candle’s black-tinted glass container. Each candle has a burn time of approximately 60 hours. To ensure longevity, Byredo recommends trimming the wick before each use.

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