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Here’s My Card: Why You Should Be Creating Personal “Business” Cards

* Customize the look, size, and feel of your cards
* Promote your social handles and personal websites to network and grow following
* Innovative options, like embedded NFC chips

If you’ve declared paper dead and with that, the ubiquitous business card — print and design company MOO might just change your mind on the matter. Making good on their motto, “Bringing great design to everyone,” the award-winning site makes premium quality business card design (along with stationery and promotional materials), an accessible and easy experience with beautiful, elevated results.

While you may still be a student, or perhaps working for yourself, the necessity of a physical card is still imperative when it comes to networking, growing a following and leaving a lasting impression. Not sitting in an office or working for a big company? Make a card with your social media handles and personal website instead. Are you an aspiring photographer or artist? MOO lets you upload your own designs when creating your cards.

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Creating cards of this quality used to require multiple steps and vendors, and wasn’t exactly affordable and quick, either. But by making color, design, finish, and cardstock options available directly to consumers through their site, MOO has exponentially cut down the price and hassle to deliver a product that rivals custom design.

Their innovative options will allow you to introduce yourself in a whole new way; cards range from the classic rectangle, printed on premium paper stock, to square-shaped cards, cards made from recycled tee-shirts, and even cards embedded with NFC chips.

And with these updates, what goes on your card can be rethought in a whole new way, too. With the demise of the landline, fax machine and other technological relics of the 20th century, you may think print is dead, too. On the contrary. While everyone else at the bar will be swapping info on their phones, you’ll stand out from the pack by slipping them a beautiful, custom-designed card. The old-school way of networking is getting a whole new life.

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