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Price Chop: The 5 Best Butcher Blocks Under $250

* Butcher block carts add sturdy counter space to any kitchen
* Also provide storage and a nice rustic feel
* Great examples can be had for less than $250

For most people, finding adequate space in your kitchen for cooking, preparing, and storing food is a struggle. One common solution is a fold-out side table, but those are rarely sturdy enough and they look cheap. We think the best way to add some counter space (other than a kitchen remodel, obviously) is a good butcher block cart.

Butcher block carts add counter space, storage, and even some rustic decor, elevating the whole look and utility of your kitchen. While they can get pricey very fast, we were able to find these handsome, well-made options for under $250.

1. Winsome Wood Utility Cart

If you’re looking for a well-made, no-frills butcher block cart, this is your best bet. It’s highly rated with over 400 great reviews, and features pieces made of solid, natural beechwood with 27 inches of table top.


2. Best Choice Products Utility Cart

This cart has over 800 square inches of stainless steel counter space, and two equally large shelves for cookbooks, ingredients, and other kitchen items. It also looks great in just about any kitchen with a light brown wood finish.


3. Butcher Block Cart with Flat Doors

This butcher block cart is compact, but boasts impressive storage and a very usable bit of counter space. It’s great if you constantly find yourself in need of just a little more space for those final touches.

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4. Butcher Block Cart

With a collapsible leaf and two shelves, this compact cart can be very convenient. It’s made of solid yellow birch hardwood, which is highly versatile decor-wise, but can also take some wear and still look good.

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5. Baxton Studio Kitchen Cart/Island

is probably the most good-looking of the bunch, but it also has highly usable cabinet and shelf space. It’s painted white, which contrasts nicely with the rustic butcher block top, and also features a wine rack, cabinet, utensil drawer, and two shelves.