Are Butt Vases the New Boob Pillow? The 8 Booty-ful Vases We’re Obsessed With Right Now

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You remember the boob pillow, right? The millennial home decor trend that took over homes and boutiques far and wide a few years back? They were simple accent pillows with a double-breasted line drawing to add a bit of flair on couches, loveseats and beds. They were cheeky-yet-stylish home decor for sex-positive folks who wanted to say “This is my home, not my parents'” after moving into their own place.

You know what we’re talking about:

Makarios By Tracy Boob Pillow Courtesy of Etsy

While there’s a solid chance you might still have a few friends rocking the boob pillow on their couch, the trend has sort of died down. In its place, we’re seeing a home decor trend that’s a little more bottom-tier. Yup, butt vases are the new boob pillow.

It’s funny to think that one sex-centric home decoration trend has died so another one can rise, but that’s exactly the case with butt vases. It seems that ever since boob pillows lost their prime spot on Urban Outfitters’ home section, butt vases have taken over nightstands, mantles and dinner tables.

Are we mad about it? No! We love butts.

FROZZUR Butt Vase Courtesy of Amazon

Unlike boob pillows, butt vases have less of an in-your-face aspect to them. To some guests, boob pillows will seem tacky for how out-there they look, but butt vases can blend right into your home decor. They are one with your furniture and can even be considered some of the best plant pots. They have a purpose for being in the room, unlike boob pillows, which are purely decorative. Butt vases have a subtlety that boob pillows wish they had, and that’s probably why the world is so obsessed right now. From homemade butt vases on Etsy to stylish Jonathan Addler vases, these anatomical sculptures aren’t hard to find in 2021.

If you’re thinking that butt vases are just the next fad until another sexual decoration makes its way out of the woodwork, you’re probably right. Perhaps butt vases will prove to have an aesthetic allure that transcends time. Who knows, maybe next season we’ll see cock clocks or vagina couch cushions take the home decor world by storm, so why not enjoy this quirky interior design trend while you can?

If you’re looking to get in on the trend, check out our favorite butt vases below and spice up your living room now with some sophisticated, sculptural, and anatomically correct vases.

1. Base Roots Body Vase Female Form

For small succulents, tiny plants or a little assortment of hand-picked backyard flowers, this booty vase will bring some life to your space. It comes in a pastel pink color which will always brighten up a room and has minimal details for a very low-key vibe. Place this on a mantle or on a window sill and let it add some eccentricity to your household.

Base Roots Body Vase Female Form Courtesy of Amazon


2. Homely Vibe Ceramic Love Handle Vase

This large ceramic butt vase comes in a small and large size to hold as little or as many flowers as you might like. It has two handles on either side for added flair and makes a great centerpiece for a dining room table. Numerous colors and are available and can be made in glossy or matte finishes. She thicc.

Homely Vibe Ceramic Love Handle Vase Courtesy of Etsy


3. Urban Outfitters Female Form Vase

Available in three different colors, this tall butt vase from Urban Outfitters is perfect for those of you looking for something effective and affordable. It won’t hold a massive bouquet, but it will absolutely hold a few flowers. We love this vase for holding flowers you might consider special. You know, if you’re the type to take your favorite flower from every bouquet you ever receive and place the dead ones in a vase for safekeeping, this should be the vase.

Urban Outfitters Female Form Vase Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


4. 3Decolor Butt Planter

Little booties matter, too. These tiny butt planters aren’t necessarily butt vases, but they are ideal for planting tiny succulents or other small plants. Consider planting a tiny herb of sorts in your kitchen with one of these. The possibilities are endless.

3Decolor Butt Planter Courtesy of Etsy


5. Jonathan Adler Edie Vase

This is definitely the largest vase option we can find, so this is perfect for the type of person that receives a bouquet more frequently than most. Jonathan Adler is quite the reliable place to purchase vases and this one is exceptionally unique because it is inspired by the designers’ favorite artists’ muses. The front is covered with a flower and the back is entirely bare.

Jonathan Adler Edie Vase Courtesy of Jonathan Adler


6. FROZZUR Butt Vase

Oh, you like ’em round? Got it. FROZZUR’s butt vase on Amazon is easily one of the roundest of them all. It has a whopping 4.9 out of 5 stars which nowadays feels almost impossible, so we know you’ll love this one. It can hold numerous small plants or larger cut-stem bouquets depending on what you want to put inside.

FROZZUR Butt Vase Courtesy of Amazon


7. New Chapter New Home Female Body Vase

Looking for a full body instead of just the butt? No worries, we got your back with this female body vase from Etsy. This vase features the full female form in a variety of colors and sizes. It doesn’t have the largest top hole for keeping flowers, but it will hold a couple depending on what size you get.

New Chapter New Home Female Body Vase Courtesy of Etsy


8. Our Lovely Art Shop Male Body Nude Vase

Male butts are just as important as female butts, so to finish us off, here is the best male body nude vase money can buy. It features a full male torso ending at the top of the butt area, so it isn’t full booty, but it’s the best we found of all the male butt options.

Our Lovely Art Shop Male Body Nude Vase Courtesy of Etsy