Express Yourself With These Emoji Pillows

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Whether you’re a winky-face optimist or a kissy-face romantic, everyone has an emoji that they overuse. Since these icons show up so much in your texts, why not have them in your home as well? Emoji pillows are a humorous addition to your otherwise adult apartment. And of course, they make great gifts for the kids in your life.

Most emoji pillows match the selections on your smartphone. However, you can also find variations on the classics. Keep in mind that some emoji pillows are sold as a single unit, while others are available in multipacks.

When buying an emoji pillow, you should pay attention to the size. Most are about a foot in diameter, which is a great option for a child’s pillow or a typical throw pillow.

Here are some of the best emoji pillows for kids and adults.

1. YINGGG Emoji Plush Pillow

Available in a variety of styles, this emoji pillow is made of soft polypropylene material. The round pillows are about a foot in diameter, and the other shapes are about the same size. You can select from classic emoticons with faces, as well as cute animal characters. This pillow is machine washable. However, be sure to use the air dry setting on the dryer.

Pros: This pillow is durable enough to withstand wear and tear from kids. You can select from 19 emoji options.

Cons: The pillow might be on the flat side, and it’s tricky to fluff.

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2. New York Emoji Pillow

This emoji pillow is the perfect gag gift for a friend or companion for a child. The pillow is 12.5 inches in diameter and four inches thick. You can choose from 12 designs, such as a laughing face emoji. The product might be flat once you take it out of the package, but you can fluff it up with time.

Pros: This product is machine washable. It’s the perfect size for a throw pillow.

Cons: The stitching or fabric might rip from wear. The colors might not match the product photos.

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3. Ev2 Round Emoji Pillow

If you’re looking for a face for every mood, these emoji pillows will do the trick. You can choose from 28 designs when purchasing, all of which are round yellow faces. This product is made of high quality polypropylene and is resistant to lint. You will need to hand wash this pillow to remove dirt and stains, since the material and stuffing may not hold up in a washing machine.

Pros: This pillow features vibrant colors that won’t fade with time. The fabric is soft and durable.

Cons: The pillow isn’t as fluffy as some other options. The designs might not match smartphone emojis exactly.

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4. Britenway Poop Face Emoji Pillow

This universally hilarious emoji is now in pillow form, and this product is a great gift for friends. This pillow measures 14 inches across. The extra soft fabric and plush stuffing makes this product a comfy throw pillow. Whether you’re using this pillow for back support or gifting it to a child, you can expect the stitching and fabric to hold up.

Pros: This product is fluffier than some other options. It’s also slightly larger.

Cons: This particular pillow is only available in the poop emoji design.

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5. Dreampark Emoji Pillow Set

This set of emoji pillows are a bright addition to any child’s playroom or bedroom. You’ll receive a crying face, sunglasses, heart eyes, and kiddy face emoji with your order. Each pillow is about one foot in diameter. The polypropylene fabric is soft and durable. However, it’s best to dry clean these pillows when they are dirty.

Pros: The bright colors are perfect for a child’s bedroom or a classroom. The set of four is a great value.

Cons: These pillows may not hold up in the washing machine.

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