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Here’s Where You Can Buy Poinsettias Online (Those Red Flowers That Show Up Around Christmas)

Is it just me, or do beautiful Poinsettias flowers seem to only appear once November hits and them promptly disappear once we ring in the New Year? They seem to be a Christmas-y flower, but are they really? I did a little digging and found that their ties to Christmas are purely due to the bright red and green colors they boast when it bloom. They originated in Mexico where they were cultivated by the Aztecs for use in holistic medicine. Poinsettias, though commonly thought of as flowers are actually leaves that have been modified, known as bracts. They’re also one of the most economically important potted plants for the countries in Central and South America where they’re grown — as approximately 70 million Poinsettias are sold in the US annually during a six-week period. So, where can you buy Poinsettias online? We’ve gathered a few key sites.

Whether you’re avoiding the supermarket for obvious reasons or wish to send these beloved, festive flowers to a loved one ordering them online is easy, convenient and reliable. These plants are relatively durable to pack and ship, easy to care for, and, contrary to popular belief, they’re actually not poisonous. Ingesting any part of the plant will most likely not cause harm to pets or children, and there’s no evidence that they’re unsafe to keep in the home. They’re safe, decorative and an excellent Christmas decoration to add to your home. Here’s where to buy Poinsettias online.

1. The Sill

The Sill is an excellent site for ordering plants, flowers, pots and other green-thumb materials online and, naturally, you can also order poinsettias with them. They offer a medium-sized version of this deep red holiday plant that’ll come live, fully-grown and ready to display. According to their guidelines, it requires indirect to medium light and only needs watering every 1-2 weeks. They also boast that it can live on well past December with proper care, so if you’d like the holiday spirit to live on in your home this might be just the ticket.

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This dedicated flower delivery service offers a wide selection of Poinsettias to choose from — from regular to large sizes as well as a variety of containers and two different colors. They’ve got white and brown baskets, white and red Poinsettia flowers as well as a gift basket you can send. The white poinsettia is a rarer choice, but still elegant if the recipient prefers a more neutral palette for their Christmas decor.

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3. Home Depot

Home Depot offers delivery of live, fresh Poinsettias as well as a variety of artificial options you can reuse year after year. This particular pick, their fresh Poinsettia comes in an upgraded pot that’s perfect for decorating your home with. The plant comes sized at about 11 inches tall in a 2-quart planter. The red petals will gradually fade as the seasons change, and it’ll thrive best near a sunny window that’s not in direct sunlight for most of the day.

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Courtesy of Home Depot


4. 1-800 Flowers

1-800 Flowers is another place you can buy a variety of Poinsettias online including this classic holiday design that comes in a festive, on-brand pot. You can add chocolates to the order as well for an additional sweet treat in addition to the gorgeous flowers. They offer large and small flower options, both available in the vintage tin planter that features a “Happy Holidays” message on the side.

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Courtesy of 1-800 Flowers