Streamline Your Documents With ‘Sign Here’ Flags

sign here flags

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Piles of documents are a standard part of working with clients. However, you can make your life easier by moving through them as quickly as possible. Sign here flags are a great way to direct your clients to the correct portions of the document, moving through the signing process more efficiently.

Sign here stickers are similar to sticky page markers. However, they’re typically shaped like an arrow. You can find these flags with the words “sign here” printed on them or with a plain design. If the flag doesn’t have words on it, you might choose to label them yourself.

Color-coded sign here flags are another effective tool, especially when multiple clients are signing a document at once. You can assign a color to each signer and avoid any mistakes. So, be sure to look for multipacks if you often manage multiple signers.

To help you streamline the document process, here are some of the best sign here flags available online.


1. Post-it Arrow Blank & Sign Here Flags

This pack of sign here flags includes eight sets of blank arrows and two with labels. You can remove the flags from a convenient dispenser. These flags feature precise arrows and strong adhesive, so you won’t need to worry about the flag sliding out of place. You’ll receive 192 blank arrow flags and 60 sign here flags with your order.

Pros: The pack comes with eight color options, so you can color-code every document. Adhesive may last through several uses.

Cons: You might not need this many colors.

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2. Redi-Tag Sign Here Flags

These sign here flags are bright red and almost two inches long, so they’re highly visible on the page. The stickers are made of plastic and are easy to reposition. They won’t leave sticky residue on the page. You will receive 750 tags in each box, and you can order multiple boxes at once.

Pros: The flags remove without residue, so you can keep your documents clean.

Cons: Some flags might stick together when you take them out of the box.

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3. Post-it Sign Here Message Flags

Post-it’s four-pack of sign here stickers includes four color options, helping you organize your documents for multiple signers. The flags are .47 inches wide and stick securely to the page. All of the flags are printed with the words “sign here” and include a precise arrow point. Each pack includes 120 packs total.

Pros: The flags won’t take up much space on the page. This product is sticky but easy to remove.

Cons: The arrow can only point left since the words would otherwise be upside down. The labels may be too small for some users.

sign here flags Amazon

4. HEHALI Neon Page Marker Tabs

Your documents will be bright and easy to follow with these neon page markers. This set of sign here tags and page markers are great for organizing all of your work documents and notes. Each tag is slightly translucent, so you won’t cover information with the adhesive. You can write your own labels and color code effectively.

Pros: The set includes seven bright colors. You can use the stickers for multiple purposes.

Cons: The tags might not separate easily. The adhesive can leave a residue behind.

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5. Morepack Neon Page Markers

These sign here flags are 1.77 by 0.47 inches, featuring strong adhesive and easy-to-see colors. The flags are translucent, so you can mark the document without obstructing text. You can also reposition the flags without leaving a sticky residue on the page. This pack includes 10 sets of flags, so you’ll receive a total of 2,000 stickers.

Pros: The flags are smooth to write on. The adhesive stays on the page, but you can move the sticker around.

Cons: It may be tricky to separate the flags from each other.

sign here flags Amazon