Best Places to Buy Succulents Online to Spruce Up Any Space

Three Small Succulents on Counter
Courtesy of The Sill

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If you want your space to feel put-together, plants are the way to go. Not only have plants been shown to potentially help reduce stress levels and improve indoor air quality, but at work they can also sharpen focus and boost productivity. Knowing all that, why wouldn’t you spruce up your space with plants?

The care required to keep them alive and thriving, that’s why. It may not seem like a tall order to water plants once a week or every few days, but schedules fill up, you get busy and before you know it that fern has fallen. Then, all you’re left with is wasted money and guilt that you can’t keep plants alive. We’ve been there.

That’s why we love succulents. Not only are they some of the most interesting-looking plants out there, but they also work in a variety of spaces. As for the upkeep? They truly require very little maintenance. Although care varies from plant to plant, you can usually water them every couple of weeks, place them in a sunny space and call it a day. In fact the only real way to kill a succulent is by over watering it.

These days you can also buy succulents online from the comfort of your own home. In fact, the trend has only swelled during the pandemic, as more and more people discover the joys of plant parenthood. (Not to mention the simplicity of it, at least when it comes to succulents.) Read on for some of our favorite, sweet succulent picks.


The Sunshine Collection from Bloomscape


If you’re looking to brighten up a small but sunny space then this Sunshine Collection is the way to go. The trio of plants (White Fox Aloe, Crassula Cephalophora and Cacti Bishop’s Cap) love to soak up the sun but they are also tiny, which makes them perfect for a windowsill, side table or small window office nook.

Succulents in a pot Image courtesy of Bloomscape

DIY Terrarium Kit From The Sill


If you want a succulent that really shows off your personality then a DIY terrarium kit is a super fun and creative idea. This one comes with everything you need to customize your space for years to come, plus it doubles as an afternoon activity the next time you need some zen in your life. The succulents themselves come in an assortment of varieties, and when packed into this desertscape they can go weeks without H2O.

terrarium kit Image courtesy of The Sill

Succulent Plants (12 Pack) Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil


If you have a lot of space to fill (a large office or a new apartment), you can’t beat this deal from Plants for Pets. Not only do you get a dozen, easy-to-maintain succulents that you can than easily transfer into decorative pots or jars of your choice, but each purchase goes towards supporting at-risk pets in the USA and helping them to find loving homes.

Assorted succulents to buy online Image courtesy of Amazon

Hedgehog Aloe From Bloomscape


This small, low-maintenance aloe packs a punch in all kinds of home décor situations, making it a universal but low-budget addition to your at-home green space. It’s essentially carefree so long as you give it some water and keep it in a sunny place, however pet owners should note that this plant can cause those fur babies mouth irritation and digestive reaction.

aloe plant in a pot Image courtesy of Bloomscape

Fairy Farts Potted Micro Succulent Garden


Go big or go home doesn’t apply here, because these micro fairy gardens add an instant boost to any windowsill or other small space. They’re great to gift or to start your own succulent journey with, since you can re-pot them and watch them grow after roughly a month or so.

mini succulents Image courtesy of Etsy

Succulent Assortment From The Sill


Let’s be honest: most succulents are great starter plants for those who are just beginning to dabble in plant ownership. However this trio in particular is a great bet because you get three different kinds for a relatively inexpensive price, so even if you forget to give them a few drops of water every two-to-three weeks, you won’t be kicking yourself if they happen to kick it.

Trio of succulents in pots Image courtesy of The Sill

String of Pears from The Sill


This may be the most appropriately named succulent we’ve ever come across, but it’s also one of the most unique. The whimsical, cascading plant trails quickly, which makes it perfect for taller structures—like a bookcase—adding instant personality to a room. You do have to water this one a little more frequently than most other succulents, but even then we’re only talking about once every one-to-two weeks here.

Pearl succulent Image courtesy of The Sill

Costa Farms Live Hoya Heart Succulent


Hoya hearts are tropical succulent vines that make for one of the cutest ways to show you care. Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance housewarming gift or a way to demonstrate to that special someone that you love them, this succulent is kind of a super pick.

heart succulent Image courtesy of Amazon

Altman Plants Assorted Live Cactus Collection


If your idea of a succulent is the prickly plant you were gifted growing up, then this quartet ought to bring back all kinds of nostalgic memories. The set can easily be transferred to any indoor garden or pot, or you can decorate haphazardly, water infrequently and call it a day.

cactus succulents Image courtesy of Amazon



If you want all of the low-maintenance benefits of a succulent but a plant that looks even more unique, then a ponytail palm is your answer. These tropical-looking plants fall under the agave family (read: it’s a succulent), which means you have a pretty great shot at keeping it lush and thriving.

ponytail palm in a pot Image courtesy of Bloomscape

Personalized Mini Succulent Gift


Whether you’re looking for a gift or a sweet office accessory for yourself, you can’t go wrong with these personalized potted succulents. The pots themselves can be custom-made with a variety of designs and fonts, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. But the best part is that they’re practically guaranteed to last forever, since low-maintenance succulents are sweet like that.

succulents in personalized pots Image courtesy of Etsy

MoonLa Artificial Succulent Plants


Of course if you really don’t think you have the commitment to be a proper plant parent—even to a succulent—these artificial plants are pretty much just like the real deal. This five-pack comes in neutral pots that work with any décor, and if you give them an occasional dusting they’ll look just as fresh and “succulent” as the real thing for years to come.

artificial succulents in pots Image courtesy of Amazon

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