Apparently, You Can Order a Sauna on Amazon (Ya, You’re Welcome)

two-person sauna

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It’s getting colder outside, and while most of the country is stuck scraping the ice off their car, you can feel the heat with your very own two-person sauna. Didn’t know you could order an actual sauna on Amazon? Well, neither did we, but there’s no denying how sweet it would feel to get your sweat on without ever having to lift a finger (or leaving the house for that matter).

Expertly crafted from 100% Canadian hemlock wood, this is one of those rare saunas that actually feels as good as it looks. The sauna is complete with two Bluetooth speakers, a nifty digital control panel that’s refreshingly simple (all you need to do is set your preferred temperature and then start sweating) and infrared carbon heaters that are designed to provide a more comprehensive distribution of heat. It’s probably one of the coolest — if not most original — products you can order online.

Home Sauna Courtesy of Amazon

At this point you’re probably wondering how it all gets shipped, right? Truth be told, it comes in in a few parts, but the straightforward design and easy-to-follow instructions make assembly a breeze. Seriously, if you have a screwdriver and some spare time, you can put this baby together. Still, if the only thing you’re not sure about is the assembly process, you can opt to choose the expert assembly option and have someone come in and set it all up for less than $200 more.

JNH Sauna Courtesy of Amazon

Because it utilizes infrared heat instead of traditional steam, this sauna is able to provide a smoother and more comprehensive heating experience. The heat is dispersed evenly throughout the sauna, eliminating any potential hot or cold spots and thereby adding an extra layer of safety to your sweat.

Measuring roughly 47″ x 75″ x 40″, it’s designed to fit in most open rooms. What’s more, the smart dual-wall installation helps provide better insulation without you having to worry about your exterior surroundings.

If you’re participating in Dry January, there’s better way to sweat out all that junk you ate and drank over the holidays than a personal sauna.