Create Your Own Urban Jungle With These Vertical Plant Hangers

vertical planters
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Instagram hashtags and home-style blogs show that plants are all the rage right now. Few indoor or outdoor spaces are complete without some greenery. However, a lack of floor space can hinder your urban jungle ambitions.

This is where vertical plant hangers come in.

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These space-saving planters allow you to plant or display greenery on the wall. They are also perfect for vertical gardening on porches, decks or the sides of buildings.

As you plan your hanging plantscapes, you’ll have a few different planters to choose from. Some vertical planters have wire to hang small air plants or similar species. Others include a series of hanging pots. And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can hang a grow bag and start your own seeds. Just be sure to pay attention to the product dimensions and compare them to your available space.

We’ve rounded up some of the best vertical plant hangers to add to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

1. Mkono Air Plant Frame

Mkono’s plant frame is perfect for displaying air plants in your house or apartment. This item is available in eight and 16-inch sizes, so you can choose the dimension that best fits your space. The wooden frame has two hooks on the top and side for wall hanging, but you can also set it on a shelf. Simply attach your air plants to the wire grid to add extra greenery to your home. This product is best for indoor use, since the wood may not hold up to the rain.

Pros: The wood has a rich color and matches most home decor. You can use this frame to display fake plants as well.

Cons: It can be tricky to keep the air plants on the frame, so they may fall off occasionally.

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Mkono Air Plant Frame

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2. Ogrmar Vertical Wall Garden Planter

This felt planter is great for growing plants vertically outdoors. You can easily attach the product to a wall or fence using nails or zip ties. The rows of pockets hold soil and allow for plenty of drainage. This particular product has 64 pockets, but it’s also available with 18 or 36. You can use this product to plant flowers, herbs and berries, as well as other types of outdoor greenery. Keep in mind that this product doesn’t have a backing, so you may need to add one to prevent water damage on the exterior wall.

Pros: The greenery pops against the black felt. The sturdy material holds the damp soil well.

Cons: Some soil may spill out the front during watering. The pockets may be too small to grow vegetables.

vertical planter Amazon

Ogrmar Vertical Wall Garden Planter


3. Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

If you’re a succulent lover, these planters are perfect for growing your greenery. Each ceramic pot is seven inches in length and has a leather strap, which is attached with brass screws. The straps can hang on a hook, but they may be too thick to hang with a nail. These planters don’t have drainage holes. So, you may need to line the bottom with small rocks or use the product as a cover pot. The plants aren’t included in your order.

Pros: You can arrange these pots in any formation. The product is suitable for growing herbs and vining indoor plants.

Cons: The product doesn’t include hardware for hanging. The planters may be too small for most house plants.

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Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

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4. Meiwo Hanging Vertical Garden

With seven soil pockets, this vertical planter is great for growing herbs, flowers and leafy greens. This product has a waterproof backing and bottom, so you won’t need to worry about water damage. The felt material allows for air circulation while absorbing water. However, the soil may dry out quickly if you hang this planter in direct sunlight. You may need to water your plants often if you have a sunny yard.

Pros: The waterproof lining can prevent leaks and puddles. The product comes with zip ties for hanging.

Cons: The felt material may drain out too much water. There is very little space between pockets.

vertical planter Amazon

Meiwo Hanging Vertical Garden


5. White Ceramic Planter Set

This 42-inch hanging planter will look great on a small strip of wall space. Four white ceramic pots are suspended vertically with two white ropes. The rope connects at the top in a small loop, which you can easily hang on a hook. The pots are about five inches wide, so they can fit small succulents or fake decorative plants. You can also use them for storing small items in a kitchen or bathroom.

Pros: The planters are flat on the back, so they can sit flush with the wall. The white surface has a slight glossy finish.

Cons: It can be tricky to put soil in the pots without getting the string dirty. The planters don’t have drainage holes.

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White Ceramic Planter Set

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