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Tied Down: The 5 Best Cable Ties on Amazon Under $10

* Cable ties are useful for organization and home DIY
* Both traditional options and velcro options are available
* All these cable ties are available on Amazon for under $10

Cable ties are one of the most useful items you can have around the house. They keep things together, organize your cords and can even act as a security measure when you don’t want something easily opened. Other than duct tape, cable ties should be the second thing you invest in when you move into a new home.

Today, cable ties are most useful for keeping all your electronic cords organized. Think about the mess behind your TV or computer desk. All those cords could be easily tied together with cable ties.

In addition, cable ties are extremely useful for home DIY projects. Most cable ties have a high tensile strength, meaning they can be used to hold heavy bits and bobs.

Whatever you are going to use cable ties for, these are the five best cable ties available on Amazon for under $10. Get a pack today and have them on hand whenever you need them.

1. PASOW Cable Ties

Unlike traditional cable ties, the

are velcro, making it easy to reposition and reuse them. The durable and flexible fabric can be used to keep computer cords together or attach lighter cables to walls or the ceiling. Each pack contains 50 cable ties, and these ties are available in nine colors as well as two different multi-color packs.

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2. Flurhrt 12-Inch Cable Ties

Made from high-quality material, the

offer superb value for money. At under $10, you get 50 zip ties with a 50 pound tensile strength. The flexible and water resistant zip ties can withstand temperatures from five to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, making these ideal for applications in direct sunlight. As an added bonus, Flurhrt vacuum seals its packages, ensuring the zip ties don’t dry out in the Amazon warehouse.

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3. Trilancer Reusable Cable Ties

Another velcro cable tie option, the

add an extra element of security by adding an eye hole design. Simply insert the tapered end through the eye hole and attach the velcro to the opposite side. In this way, if the velcro does accidently release over time, the eye hold feature will still keep your stuff in place. These cable ties are 8 inches in length, but thanks to their velcro, you can combine them together for bigger projects.

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4. Cable Matters Self-Locking Cable Ties

If you have a variety of projects that require cable ties, this pack of

is exactly what you need. It includes 200 cable ties of light and medium duty in both black and white. Six, eight and 12-inch lengths as well as ties with a 17 or 48 pound tensile strength are included. Plus, this particular order comes with a resealable container for convenient storage.

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5. TR Industrial Multi-Purpose Cable Ties

For heavy duty projects, look no further than

. Each of the 100 cable ties in this pack has a tensile strength of 50 pounds, but when added together, they get much stronger. In addition, these ties work in temperatures from -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, making them useful in extreme hot and cold alike. Finally, it’s important to note that these ties are made in the USA.

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