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Hang Your Hat On These Cactus-Themed Hooks

* Cactus hooks for your hat, jacket, scarf, and more
* Whimsical, rustic piece of decor that serves a purpose too
* Makes a great gift for under $20

Cacti have become an unexpected decor trend recently, but not just real cacti. Cactus sculptures and decorations have become a go-to for adding some rustic character to a room, and one such piece is the cactus hook for your hat, keys, coat, or kitchen supplies. It’s a fun, easy way to spruce up a room and organize your stuff – and makes a great gift for the decor or plant geek in your life. Check out our favorite cactus-themed hooks below.

1. Black Forest Decor Cactus Wall Hook

These cactus wall hooks are made of a solid Cast Iron that ups the ranch-house feel, and provide real support for hanging jackets, scarves, and hats. They’re sold individually, but we recommend getting at least a couple as they look best with a friend (and don’t cost much).

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2. BBstep Wall Stick Cactus Hooks

Need a little extra organization in your workspace or bathroom? Try sticking these cute little cactus hooks above your desk or sink. They come in a set of five, allowing you to decorate your space and hang your stuff.


3. Dailylike Cactus Wall Mounted Coat Hook

Another great cactus-themed hook is this minimal metal hook from Daylike. Its chic design upgrades any wall – no matter how sparse or cluttered – making it work with any decor style.


4. Thing X Sylvester Cactus Hook

These cactus hooks from Thing Industries have a more artsy feel with contrasting screws and whimsical colors. They’re only 5” tall, making them ideal for keys and other small stuff.

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Image courtesy of Spring[/caption]


5. Urban Outfitters Desert Multi-Hook

Make a subtle statement with this gold cactus multi-hook. It features 5 sturdy hooks for hats, coats, scarves, or bags, and 3 smaller hooks for keys. It’s a great piece for any entry way, because it provides real hanging space and an eye-catching look that’s hard to find.

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Image courtesy of Spring[/caption]

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