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These Cactus Tea Light Candles Add Earthy Appeal to Your Home or Patio

* Decorative cactus tea light candles
* Pack includes six candles in metal holders
* Three different shapes of cactus, two of each design

Tea light candles are one of the sweetest decor options for the season. It’s always refreshing to spruce up indoor or outdoor spaces in the summer for a fun and festive update. We love the Ornerx Decorative Cactus Tea Light Candles because they are simple, versatile and totally trending in interior design.

The Ornerx Decorative Cactus Tea Light Candles combine earthy appeal with a romantic touch. Made of colored wax that creates the cactus shape and “dirt,” they are nicely sized at 5.9 x 3.8 x 2 inches. The pack comes with six cactus candles in three different shapes. You get two of each design, so feel free to mix and match. The wick sits on top and a metal holder keeps a sturdy base below.

The candles burn for about 30 minutes, true to most tea light candles, and melt onto the surface for an artistic look. The metal holders hold colored “dirt” that is also made of wax, so when the upper burns out, it continues to melt. These candles are unscented, so they work with anyone’s personal style without interfering with the ambiance.

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The best thing about these tea light candles is that they add some earthy appeal instantly to any home. Countertops, dinner tables and preexisting decor will gain a naturally beautiful boost from these botanical beauties. Since there are different designs and shapes, this pack makes it look like a sweet succulent collection when clustered together. File these candles down in a row on a pretty table runner for a cool colorful centerpiece, or place them around flower arrangements to create a warming mood. You can also pair them with real plants for a dynamic and dazzling vision.

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