Create an Air of Calm at Home With This Room Spray From Paddywax

Create a Calming Effect at Home
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* Made from delicious blend of cardamom and Indiangrass
* Paddywax was founded in 1996 and is based in Nashville, TN
* Old school apothecary-inspired packaging

When decorating our homes, we often fixate on the visual aesthetic and forget about our other senses, like smell. If you think about it, our sense of smell is often the first sense to be triggered anyway. So fill your home with the scent of Indiangrass and cardamom spice from Paddywax Apothecary’s Vetiver Cardamom Room Spray.

Based out of Nashville, Paddywax has been hand-pouring fragrance-infused, soy wax-blended candles since 1996. What’s really great about their process is that they don’t use any synthetics to create their fragrances. It’s the real deal or no deal at all for Paddywax.

Housed in an amber, vintage-like tonic glass, the Apothecary Vetiver Cardamom Room Spray combines the essential oils or fragrant extract from the root of the perennial Indiangrass and cardamom to create a “spa-like” fragrance. If you’re unfamiliar with cardamom, it’s a popular spice used in both food and drink, such as Indian cuisine or in a tea.

One of the highest-rated room sprays on Amazon, users liken this product to a smooth men’s cologne or fragrant bouquet of spices. The spray distributes the scent farther than a candle, and is safer to use as well. As it is more concentrated than a scented candle, a few spritzes will go a long way.

Though it’s labeled as a room spray, it can be used just about anywhere and on anything, too. Use it to freshen up your linens and pillows, to mask odors in your closet or car, or even on your clothes.

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