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Come Again: 7 Products That Aren’t What They Seem

* Laugh-out-loud gifts for friends
* A book that’s a safe, a camera that’s a flask and lipstick that’s a vibrator
* There’s more than meets the eye

Sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be. That’s certainly the case with these seven products. From flasks made to look like cameras to vibrators that seem to be innocent rubber duckies, these items will fool even the most careful observers.

1. Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe

First on the list is a diversion safe that looks just like a canned beverage. In all actuality, it is a canned beverage, as this product is handcrafted from a real Arizona Green Tea can. The undetectable screw top conceals an interior canister for holding cash or other small items; it’s great for beach or pool days.

[caption id="attachment_67775" align="aligncenter" width="300"]can safe products aren’t what they seem arizona green tea Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


2. Dictionary Diversion Book Safe

This dictionary is pretty much your classic diversion safe, yet it remains incredibly effective, even if every spy knows the book trick. Sitting on your shelf, this safe will look just like a real book. Inside there’s a metal safe with a key-opened lock. The safe area measures 2×5.6×9-inches, and the dictionary comes with two keys.


3. Binocktails Bev-Cam Camera Flask

If you’re headed for a security-controlled concert or event, sneak in your beverage of choice with this camera flask. The 5 oz. flask is fully contained within a realistic-looking digital camera. A rubber gasket keeps your booze from spilling, and each set comes with a funnel for easy filling.

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4. Rose Lipstick Vibe

Give yourself the gift of orgasms, whenever and wherever, with the Lipstick Vibe. Infallibly discreet, this vibrator looks just like a tube of lipstick. So you’ll never need to worry about someone finding your sex toy. Once you’re ready to give up the gag, simply twist the lipstick to fully extend and activate the vibrations.

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Image courtesy of Babeland[/caption]


5. Redneck Backscratcher

This might be the best present for the redneck in your life. Although it appears to be a large rake, the Redneck Backscratcher can be used to give your back much enjoyment with little effort. The rake has 15 tines and claims to be the biggest back scratcher on Earth.


6. I Rub My Duckie

It might appear totally innocent with those big blue eyes, but this duck has a secret. It’s really a vibrator (and definitely not for kids). Squeeze the toy, and you’ve just made bath time so much more releaxing. This duckie has three vibration modes, all of which are nearly silent for the sake of discretion. Rubber ducks have never been so fun!

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Image courtesy of Babeland[/caption]

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7. Teddy Bear Covert Camera

Whether you want to spy on the nanny or just keep an eye on the kids, a teddy cam is the ultimate covert camera. This adorable bear records color video in 380 TV lines and produces clear images, even in low light. Yet the high quality camera is completely hidden within the cute and cuddly children’s toy.

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Image courtesy of B&H Photo Video[/caption]

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