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A Dramatic Candle Centerpiece for Your Home

*  Handcrafted from terracotta
* Space for ten votive or tea light candles
* Champagne gold finish makes romantic accent to any table

The glow of candlelight is something humans have been drawn to since we figured out how to rub two sticks together to make fire. The flame, flickering in the darkness, makes everything in the room soften and seem well, just a little more magical.

We’re always on the lookout for interesting candle and votive holders and we spotted this Kilnbricke Linear Centerpiece Candle Holder from Dimond Home.

Designed to hold ten votive or tea light candles, this piece stretches out 32 inches in length and weighs a solid 40 pounds. In other words, it makes a dramatic centerpiece on a table or mantle.

The design is a perfect balance of natural and glam. The candleholders are crafted from terracotta, clay-based earthenware that is substantial in weight and has a lovely, organic look. The base tray is metal, with a sophisticated champagne-hued finish, so the centerpiece works in both traditional and modern spaces; a mix of old and new. Use it to set the table for a dinner party, or place it along the edge of a bookshelf. Set it by the window sill or on the kitchen counter for a more rustic look.

Dimond Home’s award-winning team of international designers and engineers ensures that each product is created with uncompromising detail and unparalleled design. Their creations truly become, “Jewelry for the Home.”

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