Chic Wall Art With a Deceptively Expensive Appearance

Graham & Brown 41-539 Watercolor Woods

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* Chic, large scale printed canvas with an attractive forest scene
* Busy watercolor arrangement with a Pollock-like spotted finish
* Subtle color palette ideal for neutral colored walls

Take care of the open space on your wall with a beautiful watercolor woods print and turn an empty spot into an eye-catching focal area. Produced on a sizable 39” x 27” canvas, this elegant piece would fit perfectly into a living room, dining room or even a bedroom. It provides a striking yet subtle answer to any unfilled space.

From the Graham & Brown classic collection, this print features a busy tree line painted in a cool color palette, with tones of white, grey and black. On closer inspection of the canvas, you will discover subtle hints of metallic foil along with green accents and spots of lavender.

From afar, the piece looks like it could have taken inspiration from the impressionist movement and offers a mix of visually recognizable trees along with the seemingly uncontrolled spattering of Jackson Pollock-esque touches. You’ll also find the piece looks deceptively textured but is, upon further investigation, a completely flat canvas.

The framing is made from MDF, so the piece is lightweight. It can be easily moved and hung wherever desired. With its calming palette and visually intriguing subject matter, this lightweight and elegant print from Graham & Brown’s collection is ready-made wall art for your open spaces. At under $70 dollars, the piece is a great interior design move and an easy-on-the-wallet purchase, too.

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