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This Awesome Digital Picture Frame Turns Your Home Into A High-End Art Gallery

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Your home speaks to your love of the finer things in life. Books, wine, art — your taste is always on display. You can fit your 100 favorite books in one case and your 25 favorite bottles in one elegant wine rack. But unless you’re several tax brackets above the rest of us, it’s doubtful that you have the wall space — or the budget — for more than a few framed pieces of fine art.

Actually, now you do. Canvia isn’t just a digital picture frame or a gimmicky slide show. It’s as much fine art as you want to display. With Canvia, you get access to abstract paintings, iconic photography, renaissance masterpieces, and surrealist dreamscapes. This digital picture frame displays artwork from the best collections in the world — over half a billion dollars worth of art — backed by technology that delivers incredible realism and resolution.

The Kickstarter-funded Canvia frame comes in four handsome colors — wood grain, cherry, black, and white. At 27 inches tall by 18 wide but a slender 1.8 inches deep, this digital frame would be a beautiful addition to any room even if it only displayed one static image. But Canvia is your gateway to an enormous online library. You can choose from more than ten thousand works, both classic and contemporary, suitable for any mood, event, or environment, and all highly customizable.

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Canvia’s library comes as a result of partnerships with established galleries and museums across the world. The true elites — the Met, the National Gallery, the Rijksmuseum — and many more. The Premium tier of Canvia’s library also includes works from the best contemporary artists and photographers, meaning you’ll have access to the very latest and most relevant pieces in the art world today.

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Courtesy of Canvia

You can run one of Canvia’s curated playlists, create lists of your own, or just change the image whenever you feel like it. And, like the best digital picture frames, Canvia also allows you to upload and display your own photos.

Canvia can be controlled via an app, website, or even voice-enabled Android or iOS devices. You can overlay descriptive captions on the works if you like, or even zoom in and reposition the art to reveal fascinating details.

And the details are exquisite. Canvia is an advanced high-performance anti-glare monitor with 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution. And unlike digital photo frames, Canvia’s proprietary ArtSense technology adapts the appearance of the displayed images to maintain a realistic and impactful appearance in all settings.

The ArtSense technology includes an ambient sensor, which adjusts the image depending on the lighting conditions of the room. No matter the time of day, the weather outside, or interior lights, your Canvia artwork will give you a display so optimal you’ll practically be able to touch the oil brush strokes. The colors are beyond vivid and the textures really pop. And with so many pieces of art to choose from, Canvia is unlike any other digital picture frame we’ve seen before.

It’s easy to see why Canvia’s incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign was able to raise over $320,000. Ordering now will earn you free shipping within the United States, as well as one year of access to Canvia’s Premium library of contemporary art (a $120 value). At about $550, Canvia is quite a bit pricier than the typical digital picture frame. But the combination of high-resolution displays and access to incredible fine art makes this one of the most interesting products of the year.