4 Car Accessories For Men On The Go

Car Accessories for Men
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* Stay fresh on the go by keeping these essentials in your car
* Being unprepared can really cost you in the end
* Easy hacks to stay clean and connected

In order to make it through your busy day, preparation is key. Running from this side of town to the other can be exhausting but necessary. If you’re on a time crunch, it’s crucial to use your travel time in your car as efficiently as possible. Sometimes you might need to make a call or send an email from your driver’s seat. Other times you might need to eat your lunch on your way to your next meeting. Knocking some of these items out from inside your vehicle could be what helps you become consistently more punctual. Take our advice and make sure you have these items in your car before you leave the house again.

1. Car Charger

If you don’t already have a car charger, then get with the times. Nowadays, phone batteries seem like they don’t last for more than half of their stated battery life. It’s important to be able to charge your phone while driving, as you may need it for directions, a phone call or a work email (just make sure you’re stopped or pulled over before emailing or texting). If you can charge up your phone while you drive throughout the day, then you should never have to worry about it dying. You won’t need to recharge any portable packs either – just grab a simple charging cable that can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter, and get a boost from your car’s battery.

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2. Snacks and Water

Hunger can hit at anytime, and it always seems to hit when you have no time. There’s no telling how long you might wait in line for fast food, so why not just always have your car stocked with your favorite snack and a few waters? A case of water and a box of breakfast bars kept in the trunk will usually work with your hectic schedule very nicely. I like these Belvita bars which are packed with 18g of whole grains to keep you full on the go.

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3. Mouthwash and Floss Picks

Whether you are headed back to a meeting at the office after lunch or meeting friends late at night, check your breath and your smile. These are two things that can ruin a first impression or just plain humiliate you. Throw some mouthwash and floss picks in your middle console or glove box. A quick 30-second swish and a good flossing will make sure your smile is shining and your breath is minty fresh. That’s a lasting impression you’ll want to leave.

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Car Accessories for Guys Image Courtesy Amazon


4. Face Wipes

Whether you’re leaving the gym or just need to clean up before a dinner (or date), keep these best-selling face wipes from Ursa Major in your glove compartment for a quick refresh. These bamboo wipes are infused with a ton of naturally-derived ingredients, like aloe (for hydration), birch sap (for toning) and willow bark (for brightening). Use it to get that sweat and grime off from the gym (if you don’t have time to shower), or use it after a beach day to get the sand off your face and feet. SPY hack: the wipes come in handy to clean up any spills in your car too.

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