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Caraway’s New Limited-Edition Copper Pans Almost Turned Me Into a TikTok Chef

By now you’ve probably seen Caraway’s gorgeous ceramic-enameled nonstick cookware while scrolling your social feeds and wondered if they cook as well as they match a two-toned neutral backsplash. Our answer? They definitely do, and their brand new Copper Collection comes with shimmery chestnut accents that make these enviable pans even more aesthetically pleasing. I was sent a set of them ahead of the release and let me tell you, these pans looked so gorgeous in my kitchen I nearly quit my day job to start making frittatas on the internet. I think it’s better the rush wore off and I can simply appreciate them as well made cookware with a little extra shimmer.

Caraway’s brand new limited-edition Copper Collection is available on their website starting today, February 16th, in three colorways: Emerald, Midnight and Stone. I was sent a pack of the Midnight pans, a deep dark blue that complimented the copper handle and top nicely.

Caraway’s Copper Collection

Taylor Galla | SPY

Caraway’s Copper Collection is simply a new color offering of their signature collection so it comes with their fry pan, sauté pan, saucepan, and dutch oven. Each pan is made with naturally smooth and nonstick ceramic that serves as an alternative to more toxic substances that can leech into your food and cause, well, not great things to happen to your body. They also have aluminum cores that enable even heating throughout, but instead of aluminum handles they’re copper.

All of their pans are oven-safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and are stovetop agnostic so whether you’re gas or electric you can still crank up the heat without concern for damage.

These pans live up to the hype in that they’re super easy to clean, come with interchangeable lids so you’ve got less to store and offer even heat distribution that’ll make your grilled cheese crispy and sauces perfectly thickened.

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Each Caraway Cookware Collection set also comes with storage racks so you can store your pans vertically on your counter while minimizing damage. Each pan is also designed with the environment in mind, with less CO2 released while cooking when compared to most nonstick cookware.