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Caraway Just Launched The Most Gorgeous Ceramic Steamers We’ve Ever Seen

Caraway, everyone’s favorite IG-worthy brand for ceramic cookware, has just released the Steamers Duo: two ceramic-coated steamers designed to help preparing everything from dumplings to veggies and even pasta easier. There is a large steamer ($65) and a small steamer ($55) that both work seamlessly with the Caraway Cookware set, nestling into the Dutch Oven and Sauce Pan for easy use and storage.

Both are available now on Caraway’s website and can be purchased alongside the Caraway Cookware Set for a comprehensive kitchen setup.

Courtesy of Caraway


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This large Caraway Steamer is built to fit inside their larger Dutch oven pot, resting on top while boiling water steamers vegetables and dumplings from below. It comes with handles for easy gripping and removal and is designed to store inside the pot to minimize clutter.

Courtesy of Caraway


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This smaller Caraway Steamer fits perfectly inside their sauce pan and the smaller size makes it great for cooking for one. It’s also made with handles and the smaller size makes it easier to clean.

Caraway’s Steamer Duo: More Details

All of Caraway’s cooking products, including their new steamers, come with a non-toxic ceramic coating on the inside and a non-toxic stainless steel body on the outside designed to help food steam faster. The steel conducts heat efficiently so your food cooks thoroughly and efficiently, and the ceramic coating on the inside makes it easier to clean.

Both steamers can also be removed from their respective pots and pans, doubling as colanders for draining pasta after boiling or cleaning off vegetables.