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Avoid Drink Catastrophes at the Stadium, Coffee Shop or Beach

* Carry up to four drinks with this lightweight holder
* Folds up easily, to be stowed in your purse or backpack
* Lab-tested for durability

We’ve all been there — trying to carry drinks out to our friends, and ending up with the drinks all over the floor, or all over you. CarryAround has come up with a solution to this common problem: a cup carrier designed to hold your beverage of choice — be it coffee, beer, milkshake or lemonade — without risking a spill.

Each of these carriers can hold up to four drinks, and the durable plastic material has been strength-tested in the UK to hold up to both plastic and glass containers, in addition to paper cups. More than 90% of customers also give it reviews of


They’re perfect if you’re at a festival or sporting event, as they can easily fold away and fit into your bag or back pocket, to be pulled out as needed for a beer run. If you’re the one who usually makes the coffee run for your co-workers, this could be an invaluable addition to avoid future spillage, as they can fit all standard to-go coffee cups (including cups from Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Peet’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and most other chains).

Made in England, the flexible and customizable design allows you to configure the cup holders for two drinks, three drinks or four. Save up to $5 when you

, too.

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