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PrettyLitter: Introducing a New Cat Litter That Monitors Your Cat’s Health

* An innovative cat litter that will monitor your cat’s health
* Eco-friendly and chemical-free; made with natural minerals
* Monthly subscription service with free delivery on all orders

Whether you’re a new cat owner or have had feline friends throughout your childhood, spoiling them with treats, kisses and their favorite spot on your lap (or chair) comes naturally to you. However, when it comes to cat litter, we often don’t put much thought into it except if it will take care of masking your kitty’s business.

Unlike other cat litter products in the market, PrettyLitter’s revolutionary cat litter does more than the job at hand — it remarkably will keep tabs of your cat’s health all while being environmentally conscious.

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Most cat parents will agree, cats possess an independent spirit and are notorious for hiding any pain or illnesses. PrettyLitter makes it easy for you to know if your cat is experiencing a health issue before urgent medical care is needed; saving you money, stress and potentially, your cat’s life.

Here’s how it works: PrettyLitter litter changes color to indicate potential health issues, all of which are detected through urine. Most common color indicators include:

* Red: indicates there may be signs of internal injury or poisonous ingestion
* Blue: indicates there may be signs of urinary tract infection and/or kidney issues
* Green: indicates there may be crystal formations and/or urinary blockage

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PrettyLitter is a clean and safer alternative to other cat litter thanks to its eco-friendly and bio-degradable formula. It’s made with chemical-free, non-clumping natural minerals that absorbs moisture and traps odor and is safe for cats even if they breathe or digest the product.

And as a monthly subscription service, PrettyLitter provides cat owners valuable time and money-saving benefits. Their free delivery service will spare you trips to the store, while their longer-lasting litter will save you money overtime since each single 4-pound bag of PrettyLitter lasts an entire month per cat. If you’ve got multiple kitties in your household, be sure to take advantage of extra savings, discounts and freebies by purchasing PrettyLitter in bulk.

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