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Make Your Cats Scratch This Post, Not Your Wall

* This wall mounted scratch pad will help keep your cats off your furniture
* It’s made of 100% recycled cardboard
* Stainless steel mounting hooks are included

Sick of your favorite feline scratching up your walls and furniture? This tall, vertical scratching wall is the ideal outlet to suit your cat’s scratching needs. The scratch pad can be mounted on the wall for extra sturdiness, and comes with stainless steel mounting hooks included.

It can be installed in minutes, and easily removed when necessary. The scratch pad itself is made from pressed cardboard, so it’s dense and durable. The cardboard is also 100% recycled, making it environmentally friendly.

A cat’s scratching is a normal, instinctive practice that occurs because cats need to remove the dead outer layer of their skin and mark their territory. It’s also good for them to stretch and flex their paws and legs. However, that doesn’t mean they need to destroy your furniture.

Measuring 26″ tall and 5.7″ wide, this scratch pad is big enough to distract them, while not overpowering the rest of the decoration in your room. It’s the ideal solution for your cat scratch woes.

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