Refresh Your Bathroom With This Designer Tissue Box

The Chanel Tissue Box is The
Chanel Tissue Box
Image courtesy of Shop Bop

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* Dress up your vanity with this chic little number
* Available in 2 different sizes
* Classic black and white Chanel Logo and initials embossed on the sides

It’s the little details that make all the difference. Of all the small luxuries you can treat yourself to, anything by Chanel has to be one of the most coveted. Whether it’s their iconic quilted handbag,  or a bottle of Chanel No. 5, owning a piece by the luxury design house makes you feel special—especially when the label’s iconic logo is emblazoned on top. If you’re not looking for an investment bag or new perfume, why not introduce Chanel’s iconic design to your home decor collection?

What Goes Around Comes Around introduces this glossy Chanel Tissue Box, offering you a way to own a piece from the luxury label, that isn’t restricted to your closet. It’s composed of black acrylic and detailed with the iconic CHANEL logo. And, this luxe piece will dress up any bathroom or vanity station. Blowing your nose has never felt more refined.

What Comes Around Goes Around is a luxury vintage company that sources the most elegant vintage items from around the world. Their tightly curated collection of vintage Chanel items for Shop Bop features an impressive assortment of jewelry, accessories, and decor pieces, and this vanity accessory is no exception.

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