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Never Lose Your Chapstick Again With This Multifunction Keychain Chapstick Holder

* Chapped lips can strike when you aren’t expecting it
* This handy keyring makes keeping your chapstick about your person easy
* The multifunction keychain also includes a fold-out bottle opener

If you frequently suffer from chapped lips, you know they dryness can appear at seemingly random times. The weather may be cold, hot or dry. No matter the cause, one thing is sure. The best way to alleviate the pain of chapped lips is to apply a covering of chapstick as soon as possible. This will also prevent further cracking and pain.

But those tiny tubes of chapstick can be hard to find in your bag or desk. Luckily, with this handy

, you’ll always have chapstick within reach.

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The multifunction keychain is made from a combination of tough stainless steel and yellow brass, which has been used for the eyelet. Together this material gives you one of the most rugged ointment retainers available. To hold the chapstick, the design simply uses a pinching mechanism which can accommodate most standard chapstick tubes.

The brass eyelet allows you to attach the keychain to your house or car keys, belt buckles or even a backpack. That way you know that when you have your keys, you also have your chapstick. You’ll also find the open pinch mechanism allows you to adjust your chapstick whilst it’s still in place for maximum convenience.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

In addition to the included chapstick holder, this multifunction keychain also sports a fold-out bottle opener, which is perfect for those unexpected “does anyone have a bottle opener?” moments. The bottle opener remains hidden until required, when it can be spun out to open your bottle.

Plus, if you have any friends or family members with frequently chapped lips who are always forgetting their chapstick, this handy keychain holder is a great gift idea. It’ll help make sure you never lose or get caught without your chapstick again.


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