Bar Stools Are Stylish, Space-Saving Options For Your Home

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When buying furniture for an apartment, there are a few things that are typically on the top of the list. A bed is the obvious first, a good sofa will often come second, and dining tables and chairs sometimes come third. But the gig economy, freelancing, and telecommuting have shaken up the typical 9-to-5, so it can be hard to gather everyone for a dinner around the table. The dining table often ends up becoming a storage space for loose receipts and empty takeout containers. If you’re looking for a dining room seating solution when you might not even have a dining room or need a table, consider bar stools.

Outfitting your living space with bar stools is stylish, space-saving, and decidedly modern. If you have an open concept kitchen with a counter between the kitchen and living room, setting up bar stools will turn unused space into a multifunctional counter that can be a breakfast nook, home bar, and dining counter. They’re perfect for kitchen islands as well, and work as great office chairs if you have an elevated or standing desk.

Looking to raise your seating selection (pun intended)? These are the bar stools to get.


1. Boraam Augusta Bar Height Swivel Stool

This classic bar stool has a swivel, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself spinning around just for fun. It has a cushioned faux leather back and seat, so it’ll be as comfortable as any other chair in your house.

Pros: Classic look, easy to assemble, swivel design.

Cons: Some found that the colors on the listing were misleading for the products that they actually received.

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2. Modern Square PU Leather Adjustable Bar Stools

For a minimalist, modern look, these swivel stools have a square shape and come in several stylish colors. The height is adjustable, and they come in a set of two. The padded faux leather design makes it a comfortable option, and the padded back offers additional support while sitting up.

Pros: Stylish, modern design. Only option on this list that has an adjustable height.

Cons: Lightweight, which makes them prone to moving.

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3. Winsome Satori Stool

For a classic, no-frills bar stool, this affordable backless chair will save space in your apartment or home. It’s available in 24″ or 29″ heights, and the curved saddle seat design makes it more comfortable than a comparable round or square stool. We like the walnut-hued wood, which adds a touch of classic, tasteful decor that looks way more expensive than its price point.

Pros: Compact option made of natural hardwood, good for a kitchen island.

Cons: The included Allen wrench for assembly is difficult to use.

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