These Cheap Gaming Desks Are Under $150, and Every Bit as Good as More Expensive Tables

cheap gaming desk in game room
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Anyone who goes down the gaming rabbit hole knows that it can start to get expensive when you consider the best gaming laptops, gaming monitors, consoles, streaming equipment — the list goes on. The good news is there are plenty of cheap gaming desks out there that are excellent.

The best cheap gaming desks should have:

  • a durable base
  • waterproof and scratch-resistant tabletop
  • grommet holes for cable management
  • cup holder, headphone hook and games or controller holders.

All of the gaming desks below are under $150 and have all of the features you’d find in the best gaming desks. So before you go out and buy the most expensive gaming desk for your gaming rig, save yourself some coin and check out one of these cheap gaming desks below.


1. Desino PC Computer Desk

As one of the best reviewed gaming desks on Amazon, the Desino Computer Desk is not only affordable but reliable as well. It comes in 40, 47 and 55-inch sizes and holds up to 250 pounds of equipment. The cup holder and earphone hooks help keep the awesome-looking carbon fiber desktop clean. This is a great choice for the money.

Desino PC Computer Desk Courtesy of Amazon

2. Amazon Basics Gaming Desk

The Amazon Basics Gaming Desk smartly utilizes the edges of the desk for accessories like a cup holder, headphones, as well as game and control holders. There is even a riser for your monitor. By providing all of this off the edge of the desk, it maximizes the desktop space for your keyboard, mouse, speakers and streaming equipment.

Amazon Basics Gaming Desk Courtesy of Amazon

3. Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Two-way orientation allows you to set up this desk in any corner of your house. The L-shaped gaming desk has a riser for your monitor, laptop or can be a great place to put your camera for game streaming. The metal legs and adjustable feet give the gaming desk a strong base that helps ensure that your gaming table stays level.

Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Gaming Desk Courtesy of Amazon

4. Homall Gaming Desk

To keep your desk as clean as possible, this cheap gaming desk has a designated cup holder, hook for your headphones and a spot for games and controllers. There are even grommet holes along the back of the tabletop to help you run and hide cables. This helps show off more of the awesome-looking black and red tabletop instead of it being obstructed by cables and clutter.

Homall Gaming Desk Courtesy of Amazon

5. Coleshome Computer Desk

Whether you have a big or small area, the ColesHome Computer Desk comes in a variety of sizes from 39 inches all the way up to 63 inches. Regardless of the size you choose, this is one of the more stable and study cheap gaming desks at this price point. And best of all, it comes with thick and durable legs and a beefy table top. Even when you get frustrated and slam the desk after you’ve been poned gaming, your table will be ready to handle the blow.

Coleshome Computer Desk Courtesy of Amazon

6. Walker Edison Glass L-Shaped Gaming Desk

One of the more stylish L-shaped cheap gaming desks available, the glass table top gives a professional and clean look to your gaming table. The L-shape provides plenty of room for monitors, speakers, as well as our keyboard and mouse. Just be sure to not pile on too much weight onto the table top as it only supports 50 pounds per section.

Walker Edison Glass L-Shaped Gaming Desk Courtesy of Amazon

7. Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Desk

This L-shaped gaming desk provides enough room for four monitors (two on each side) and has a riser that can be installed on either side. And the desk itself is reversible, so you aren’t confined to one side of the room. The tabletop is also waterproof and scratch resistant so even after marathon sessions of gaming, your tabletop will still look as good as new.

Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Desk Courtesy of Amazon

8. SHW L-Shape Corner Desk

A steel frame helps support the modern-looking, powered coated tempered safety glass table to make this desk sturdy and look stylish. There’s even a foot bar that runs across the bottom so you can sit more comfortably. Among being one of the cheapest gaming desks around, it is also one of the easiest to set up making it an overall solid choice.

SHW L-Shape Corner Desk Courtesy of Amazon

9. Yodolla Gaming Desk

This affordable gaming desk has a little bit of everything for gamers. It has a headphones hook and cupholder, as well as grommet holes for cable management to keep the desktop decluttered. There’s also a designated mouse pad for your mouse and keyboard in the center of the desk. And esthetically, its bright red and yellow legs along with the carbon fiber surface will put any gamer in the right mindset before they sit down for a marathon gaming session.

Yodolla Gaming Desk Courtesy of Amazon

10. FDW Computer Gaming Desk

The carbon fiber table top is both scratch resistant and waterproof to keep the desktop looking good even through session after session of long gaming nights. A cupholder and headphones hook help keep the tabletop clean and grommet holes in each corner reduce cable clutter. This is a solid cheap gaming desk, especially at this price point.

FDW Computer Gaming Desk Courtesy of Amazon
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