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16 Fresh Ideas for Your Christmas Table Decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but sometimes all the preparation and decorating can be more stressful than joyful. Decorating the house and everything inside (and outside) should be fun, but for that to be the case, you’ll need the best Christmas decorations. 

While you’re busy competing with neighbors for the most fantastic light display, don’t forget about all the decorating opportunities of the interior space, too, particularly at the dinner table. Your family feasting station offers many areas for festive fun. Here are a few things you may want to add to your tablescape:

  • Tablecloth – The base of all Christmas table decorations. If your tablecloth isn’t feeling festive, there’s not much hope for the rest of the table. Be sure to set the right tone from the base up with a Christmas tablecloth.
  • Place Mats – They’re useful for showing people where to sit, keeping the table protected and catching any precious gravy that goes overboard. Place mats are a flat area ready to showcase your favorite Christmas scene, character or pattern. 
  • Name Tags – If you know exactly where you want everyone to sit come Christmas dinner, then name tags are a great addition to your table’s setup. There is a huge range of creative Christmas styles available so that it can be Santa, Rudolph or even a snowflake’s responsibility to make sure everyone’s sitting exactly where you want them to be.
  • Settings – A knife and fork don’t need to just be a knife and a fork. They could be a knife and a fork wrapped in a bow, sitting in a Santa hat or balancing on a bauble. 
  • Glassware – Jazz up your glassware this Christmas with some festive engravings, personalized clip-ons or stem rings. You could even get a festive shaped mold for your ice cubes. 
  • Tableware – Plates, bowls, serving dishes, you name it. Your dishes should be festively decorated when on the Christmas Table.
  • Centerpiece – Whether you opt for one with candles, real plants, fake plants, a nativity scene or maybe even Santa himself, the centerpiece is the pinnacle point of the table and the best opportunity for decoration. 

Deck the halls, and your table, with the best Christmas table decorations. Here’s what’s on the nice list when it comes to choosing your decor.

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1. VallariDecor Candle Ring Table Decor


These lovely candle rings from VallariDecor are a traditional Christmas decoration and a welcome addition on any table. They display bright green wintery leaves with pine cones and red berries on top. The red and green features are made from velvet, and the candle rings measure 12 inches across. For larger tables, you may want to purchase more than one candle ring to create a larger, glowing centerpiece.

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Image courtesy of Etsy


2. DII Buffalo Check Table Runner


This red and black Buffalo Check Table Runner from DII is the festive accent needed to set your table’s decorative theme this holiday season. It’s made of machine washable, 100% cotton and measures 14 by 72 inches. There’s a whole range of matching items available from DII, too, such as place mats, napkins and a full table cloth. That way you can go all in on the Buffalo check, if that’s your festive feeling this year.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


3. FriendlyEvents Christmas Silverware Holder


Give your cutlery a Christmas stocking pouch as they wait patiently by your plate. Each individual stocking comes with a twine bow tied around it and is lined with polyester fabric for protection on the inside. These setting helpers are 17.5cm tall and available in grey, white, red or brown. Plus, these cutlery holders are incredibly affordable, so you can grab one for each and every person at your Christmas dinner.

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Image courtesy of Etsy


4. PostboxParty Table Names Christmas Decorations


Having a herd of reindeer on the table might not sound like a good idea, but when they’re these luxurious red plastic Table Name Christmas Decorations from PostboxParty, it definitely is. Each reindeer comes complete with a wooden tag around its neck which can be personalized at the time of purchase. They’re 5.5 inches tall and covered in a soft flock material, which is similar to velvet.

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Image courtesy of Etsy


5. JAKY-Global Artificial Flowers Decoration


Add a floral touch to your favorite vase with this glorious flower display from JAKY-Global. Each artificial flower is made from silk cloth along with high-quality plastic and iron wire for the stem. Six bundles are included with each order, and the flowers measure 20 inches tall each. They’re also available in a whopping 16 different color variations. Mix and match to create a festive display across your table.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


6. VallariDecor Poinsettia Candle Ring


Red is one of the most festive colors to decorate with, and these candle rings from VallariDecor are a testament to that. They’ll add the feeling of Christmas to any table, and you can be confident in your order as this Etsy seller has over 30,000 positive reviews. The flowers and leaves are made from velvet and glitter, while the candle rings measure 15 inches in diameter. You’ll want to order more than one to create a complete centerpiece.

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Image courtesy of Etsy


7. Supersweetparty Pine Christmas Centrepiece


This snowy pine foliage from Supersweetparty is a subtle and natural decoration that is sure to add a festive touch to your table. One branch is included in each order, and they measure 1.8 meters in length. This Etsy super seller has over 90,000 sales, and a five-star rating, so you can be sure of the quality when ordering this centerpiece. Mix and match these branches with candle holders or other flowers to create a complete tablescape.

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Image courtesy of Etsy


8. YILIYAJIA Flower Arrangement Centerpiece


The vase is included with this Flower Arrangement Centerpiece from YILIYAJIA, so you have no excuse for not making it the stunning centerpiece on your Christmas table. Three bunches of artificial silk roses and one silver eucalyptus bunch also come with the vase, so that you can release your inner florist and create the display you’ve always dreamed of. Each flower is easy to bend into shape, meaning you can arrange them exactly as you like.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


9. LED Lytes Candle Set


Give the center of your table a glow with the LED Lytes Candle Set. Six candles are included, and they range in size to create a unique combination each time you put them in place. They’re covered in real, unscented wax for an authentic appearance and house battery-powered LED candles to avoid any real flames. You can choose from either rustic silver candles with a warm, white LED flame or rustic gold candles with an amber flame.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Creative Scents Centerpiece Bowl


This curvy wooden bowl from Creative Scents makes a lovely centerpiece on any table. It could be used as storage for candies, gifts or even the matching wooden balls that are also available from Creative Scents. On the inside of the bowl, there’s a gold-toned mosaic detailing. A matching set of candlesticks is available at an extra cost. The bowl has four study feet to keep it securely in place and measures 10 by 5.5 by 4.5 inches.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


11. CatDesignz Village Tea Lights Decoration


This quaint, miniature scene from CatDesignz is a Christmas fairytale come to life. Go all out with the full set of five for the complete scene, or you can order each of the church, castle or cottage pieces individually, if you prefer. Each tiny building is made from plywood, so be sure to only use the LED tea lights (included) to light up the windows, as we wouldn’t want this lovely village going up in flames.

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Image courtesy of Etsy


12. 1-800-FLOWERS Traditional Christmas Centerpiece


This 1-800-FLOWERS arrangement is called the “Traditional Christmas Centerpiece.” That’s because it includes many of the common holiday motifs, such as the colors red, white and green, fir branches and a candle. But, it goes above and beyond the traditional by also including beautiful red roses, carnations, lilies, button poms and statice for a gorgeous display. As an added bonus, this centerpiece is available in a variety of sizes, so you can scale it to how grand your Christmas dinner usually is.

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Image courtesy of 1800FLOWERS


13. Tabletop Norfolk Pine


This Norfolk Pine plant is a tabletop treat for any Christmas setting. It’s low maintenance and therefore easy to look after, even if you don’t have the gift of green fingers. The pot and saucer are available in stone, clay charcoal, slate or indigo. Norfolk Pines are a popular alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, although they’re not actually a pine at all. They’re actually a tropical plant from the South Pacific which can grow up to seven feet tall. But don’t worry, this plant is relatively slow-growing, so there won’t be the unexpected surprise of a giant tree on the table when you come down on Christmas morning.

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Image courtesy of Bloomscape


14. Mixed Candelabrum in Vase


This beautiful red candle ring is decorated with faux red hydrangeas and berries. The red glass candle holder that sits in the middle of the ring is included, although candles are not. When choosing your candles for this candelabrum, ensure they’re no larger than 2.5 inches round. There’s nothing better than having a real candlelight dinner on Christmas evening.

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Image courtesy of Wayfair


15. Harry & David Red Sleigh Centerpiece


Bring the scents of the season to your dining table this holiday season with the Harry & David Red Sleigh Centerpiece. Made from an intricate gold pattern, the sleigh holds branches of noble fir and western red cedar as well as faux-gold pinecones and gold and red ornaments. At 14.75 by 6.5 by 7.75 inches, this centerpiece is ideal for small to medium-sized tables, so if you’re feeding a crowd, it may be best to order more than one.

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Image courtesy of Harry & David


16. Wooden Hearts Mason Jar Centerpiece


This rustic, handcrafted piece features distressed wood and five mason jars, painted in the color of your choosing. Purchase them with the floral decor, or personalize it by filling the jars with items of your own. The tray and jars alone measure 20 by 5 by 6 inches, and that includes the handles. As an added bonus, these painted jars could be used throughout the year in other combinations.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


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