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How To Store Your Gift Wrap Now That Holiday Season Is Over

* Keep all your gift wrapping supplies in one place
* Flat design makes it easy to store under the bed
* Made of durable, breathable material

The winter holidays are over, Valentines Day is over and you are left wondering what to do with all this excess gift wrapping paper. Well there’s an item that exists to help keep your wrapping supplies looking their best while keeping yourself organized in the process.

The Whitmor Gift Wrap Storage Bag is essentially a storage chest for all your wrapping paper needs that fits neatly under your bed, in your garage or standing in the back of your closet. Everything is neatly put in place, and the storage bag includes several different compartments that Velcro close to help keep your tissue paper, ribbon and other wrapping accessories separated and out of the way.

The organizer is made from a strong, breathable material, comes in a white color with red piping and has a zipper closure flap to keep away any dust and dirt. It reduces clutter around the house and preserves your wrapping paper by preventing creases, stains and unexpected spills. The breathable material also means condensation won’t build up inside the bag, keeping your paper fresh and crisp.

Gift wrap storage bags are one of those items you might not think you need, but when you do buy, you wonder how you ever lived without them. This simple organizing staple makes gift wrapping fun again by keeping your items in one secure place that you can easily find and put away year after year.

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